Identity and packaging designs for coffee brands visually convey the company’s story and ethics using all kinds of design styles. In today’s design showcase I feature 40 projects from a range of designers and agencies that involve the branding and packaging of coffee products, from bags of whole beans to bottles of iced coffee beverages. See how they draw inspiration from coffee farms and sources around the globe to form their brand narrative, whilst also boosting the product’s retail presence with an eye catching design.

Cultura Coffee Roasters by Levi Huddleston

Cafe De La Corte by The Collected Works

Come Fly Away With Me by Warren Tey

Wells Coffee by Steve Wolf

Dellavie by Voronin Studio

Cut Ground Coffee by Our Revolution

Jimmy's Iced Coffee by Interabang

Goshen Coffee by Atomicdust

San Churro Sacred Blend by Studio Alto

Blanchard's Coffee Company by Skirven & Croft

Ripple Coffee by Design Womb

Onyk Coffee Lab by BLKBOXLABS

Type & Coffee by Renan Vizzotto

Verve Coffee Roasters by Un Studio

Canyon Coffee by Fredericus L'Ami

Bassett Espresso by Squad Ink

Califia Cold Brew by Farm Design

Espresso Republic by Farm Design

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters by Partly Sunny

Fuel by Richie Stewart

Bazar Coffee by Sunshine and Sausages

Coffee Inn by Etiquette

Woods Coffee by Man Man Van

Publik Coffee Roasters by Super Top Secret

Code Coffee by Kirsten Collins

Coffee Beans by Elise Victoria Spinello

Finest Coffee by Aneczka Debska

Coffee Bag Saha by David Espinosa

Cold Drip Coffee by Yani & Guille

2 Degrees Coffee by Leandro Palencia

Parish Coffee Co. by Cassie Deogracia

Mayorga Coffee by Rachel Avallone

Big Island Coffee Roasters by Un Studio

Morning Fuel by Martin Vizbe

Caldo 101 by Liza Pedersen

Matu by Rokas Aleliunas

The Coffee Story by Sol Alfie

Great Circle by Pilot Studio

East Coast Coffee by Jennifer Liebetruth

Mirage Arabica Coffee by Karen Gevorgyan

Verve Coffee Branding by Chen Design Associates

Torch Coffee Roasters by Chen Design Associates

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