James McClung: Artist

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James McClung has quickly established himself as a sought after artist in the contemporary art and graphic design communities. He’s worked with clients such as Stereo SkateboardsParliament ChocolateLife & Thyme, Augie’s Coffee, Wheel House LA., and Strawfoot, among others.

Josh from Hounder caught up with James to talk about some fresh topics that entrepreneurs are facing. Here is a look into that conversation.

James, your work has been full of variety over the years. From ink, acrylic, pencil sketches, to endless types of papers and canvases. What influences you?

I feel like there is a variety of aspects in my surroundings as well in unknown places that I’ve had the opportunity to travel to that has caught my eye the past couple years. From a building that seems somewhat out of place to a image of a woman walking by a sign that couldn’t be better timing in a perfect composition (picture a Wes Anderson movie clip here*). Artists such as Evan Hecox, and Geoff Mcfetridge have influenced my work for many years. Lately I’ve been digging in to the work of Ed Rusha and Jonas Wood.

You took the plunge 6 years ago to leave your “day-job” to focus on your passion, your artwork. When do you think someone should just go for it? How do they know they are ready?

For me I felt that I had a community of local business owners who were wanting to work with me to the point it was like having another job. It truly felt like it was time when there was communication almost every day of the week for upcoming projects etc.

What’s your advise to artists who are trying to build a list of clients right now! How do you seek out opportunities?

Build relationships. I think to get started it truly comes down to again having a community. Once you have a solid foundation where you are then it’ll be time to spread your wings and branch out.

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