FREE Downloadable Invitations for Summer Parties and Celebrations

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Whether dark and moody or pale and unique, botanical designs are always beautiful and party-appropriate. Download these FREE invitations now!

These FREE invite templates are perfect for birthday parties, celebrations, engagement gatherings, or baby showers. Versatile and simple to adapt with your own text content, there are four styles to choose from, varying from deep, dark botanicals to light and breezy tropical-inspired designs. Scroll down to download your freebie and discover how-to tutorials for editing your templates in Adobe InDesign or for creating quick online designs using Shutterstock Editor.

Dark Designs
Adaptable for summer parties or family gatherings, this FREE invitation bundle contains downloadable templates for both print and digital designs.

What’s Included in Your FREE Summer Invitation Bundle

This FREE downloadable template bundle contains four unique template designs for both printable invitations and digital invitations for email or social media sharing. Each design can be edited using Adobe InDesign and comes complete with image suggestions from the Shutterstock library. Plus you’ll find FREE font suggestions, helping you to adapt your chosen invitation design with your own choice of text.

Engagement Party
The bundle contains four unique designs for print and digital invitations. Images via Dewin ID and vetkavideo.

Each template is provided as an editable Adobe InDesign file for using in versions CC and older versions, too (CS4, CS5, and CS6).

If you’re not an InDesign user, don’t fret! You’ll find a quick tutorial for how to create your invitations using our FREE Shutterstock Editor at the bottom of the page.

Preview the Summer Invitation Templates Freebie

Each template uses beautiful botanical photography to give your invitations a summery floral theme. Whether you’re planning a stylish evening affair or a fun-filled daytime gathering, there are dark or light designs to choose from, to help get your guests into the party spirit. 

Each design uses suggested images from the Shutterstock library, with blend effects, layers, and background colors all set up for you in InDesign. All you need to do is open the template, replace the watermarked images with high-resolution versions, and download the suggested free fonts.

Below are demos of the printable designs that use photos taken from the Shutterstock library, each of which help to give the design a unique mood. Sized to a standard 5 x 7 inches, they’re easy to print at home, online, or at a local printshop. Plus, these templates use FREE fonts—Picadilly and EB Garamond.

Garden Party
Images via IZZ HAZEL and nadezhda F.
Baby Shower
Floral images via Aptyp_koK, Candle photo, and Swisty242.
Birthday Invite
Floral design via gornostay.
Engagement Party
Images via Dewin ID and vetkavideo.

You’ll also find digital versions of these designs in your download. These are sized to 1080 x 1080 pixels, making them ideal for Instagram posts, WhatsApp images, or sharing over email as JPEGs.

These are also provided as editable InDesign files—scroll down to learn how to edit your digital invites in a few quick and simple steps.

Instagram Posts
Digital Instagram Posts
Smartphone mockups via Mr.Louis.

Simply click the button below to download your freebie pack. Double-click the ZIP file to unpackage its contents.

Inside the ZIP file, you’ll find two folders. One contains templates for Print Invites, sized to 5 x 7 inches, and one holds templates for Digital Invites, sized to 1080 x 1080 pixels. Each folder contains Adobe InDesign (INDD and IDML), plus preview JPEG and PDF versions.

This FREE download includes a coupon that gives you a 15% off discount on Shutterstock images and footage. 


By downloading this FREE pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

How to Edit Your Invitation Templates Using Adobe InDesign

You can edit both the print and digital templates using Adobe InDesign. If you’d rather create an invitation design using a FREE online tool like Shutterstock Editor, scroll down for the second tutorial. 

Step 1

Before you begin, make sure you’ve downloaded the relevant fonts and images to use on your template. A list of links for these are provided with your download. 

Install the fonts onto your computer and save the images to a folder you can easily locate.

Step 2

After unzipping the ZIP file in your download, open one of the INDD (for InDesign CC) or IDML (for older versions of InDesign) files in either the Print or Digital folder. 

Here, we’ve opened the INDD file in InDesign inside the Print Invitation folder. 

All four designs are contained in the same document. Scroll down to the page you’d like to use for your invitation.

View Layers
View the layers in your document.

First, go to Window > Layers to view the layers in your document. The top layer contains information about the images and fonts you can use in your design. This is visible on the pasteboard—simply hit W to reveal it to the left side of the design. 

Image/Font Information
Information about the images and fonts will appear on the left side of the design.

Step 3

You can edit the text of your invite by clicking on the YOUR TEXT HERE layer in the Layers panel. Adjust the formatting of the text from the Character panel (Window > Type & Tables > Character). 

Layers Panel
Click on the YOUR TEXT HERE layer in the Layers panel. 

Step 4

Your templates contain low-resolution watermarked images. To replace these with the high-resolution versions, go to the YOUR IMAGES HERE layer. 

High Resolution
Go to the YOUR IMAGES HERE layer to replace the low-res images with high-res versions.

Select one of the image frames, and go to the Links panel (Window > Links). You’ll see that there are two or more versions of each image. There is an arrow next to the link’s name allowing you to view all instances of that image. 

View Image
View all instances of the image.

Right-click on the source link at the top of the sequence in the Links panel, and click on Relink All Instances of… at the top of the menu that opens. 

Relink Instances
Click on Relink All Instances of… at the top of the menu that opens.

Navigate to the high-resolution, non-watermarked version of the image and click Open. All instances of the image will update.

Shutterstock Images
Update Images
At this point, all instances of the image will update.

Step 5

All the image frames have blend and gradient effects applied to them to help them merge into the background. You can adjust the settings for these by going to Object > Effects > Transparency, or Object > Effects > Gradient Feather

Gradient Effects
Adjust gradient effects here.

Step 6

You can adjust the color of the square in front and the background by clicking on the elements in the relevant layers, and using the Swatches panel (Window > Color > Swatches) to choose or create different colors. 

Adjust Color
Adjust the color of the square.

Step 7

When you’ve finished working on your invitation, you can export it as a printable PDF or, if you’re working on a digital invitation design, as a JPEG image. 

Go to File > Export, name your file, and choose JPEG (for digital invites) or Adobe PDF (print) for printable invites. Click Save

For printable PDFs, in the window that opens, choose Press Quality from the Adobe PDF Preset menu at the top. 

Press Quality
Choose Press Quality from the Adobe PDF Preset menu at the top.

Under the Pages section, check Range, then type in the page number you want to export (e.g. 2).

Page Number
Type in the page number you want to export.

Click on Marks and Bleeds in the left-hand menu of the Export window. If you’re sending your invitation for professional printing, make sure to check Use Document Bleed Settings, which will include a bleed on your PDF. You may also want to check All Printer’s Marks—check if your chosen printer would prefer to have these included.

Marks and Bleeds
Click on Marks and Bleeds in the left-hand menu of the Export window.

Then click Export. Your invitation is ready for printing, so great job!

Garden Party

How to Create an Invitation Using Shutterstock Editor

If you don’t have access to InDesign to edit your downloadable templates, don’t fret! It’s super easy to create an invitation design using Shutterstock Editor. Here we’ll look at how you can create one of the digital invite designs, ready for sharing on Instagram or over email. 

Step 1

In Editor, set the size of your design to pixels, 1080 W and 1080 H. Then, click Get started.

Image Size
Choose your image size.

Click on the Background icon in the top controls panel to set the background color. If you’re creating a dark invitation, choose a black or near-black color. For light invitations opt for white. 

Background Colors
Adjust background colors.

Step 2

Click on the Shapes icon in the left-hand toolbar. Click on the square shape, third along, and scale this so it fills about one third of the canvas in the center. 

Shapes Icon
The Shapes icon is located in the left-hand toolbar.

Change the color of the shape to either a slightly darker or slightly lighter color, for contrast. 

Shape Color
For contrast, change the color of the shape.

Step 3

To add text to your design, click on the Text icon in the left-hand toolbar. Choose Add body text, then type in your introductory text. 

Text Toolbar
Click on the Text icon in the left-hand toolbar to add text to your design.

Click on More at the top-right, and increase the Letter Spacing to 140.

From the top controls panel, choose Inconsolata for the Font (or another font of your choice), and set the Font Size to 24

Choose Font
Choose your desired font.

For the main event title, set the Font to EB Garamond, Size 60, and a white Font Color

Font Color
Adjust font color.

Copy and Paste (Ctrl-V) the intro text frame, positioning this below the main title. Adjust the text to read the time and date of the event. Paste again, editing the text to read the location. 

Adjust Text
Position your text.

Step 4

Click on the Images icon in the left-hand toolbar. Type in the image ID of the relevant image (or, alternatively, search for an image of a flower against a black background). Click to insert before rotating to nestle in the top-left corner. 

Insert Image
Click to insert before rotating to nestle in the top-left corner.

Right-Click > Move to back to send the image behind the small square. 

Move Background
Send the image behind the small square by clicking Move to back.

Step 5

Click on Effects at the top of the workspace. Then, click Remove background

Remove Background
Now click Remove background.

Use the brush to select anywhere on the black area, which Editor will pick up and highlight in green. Click on the Remove background button. 

Remove Background
Remove the background of your selected image.

Back in the Effects options, you can also adjust the color of the image using the Colorify slider. Here, I’ve slid toward a blue hue, and increased the Contrast of the image to 20

Colorify Slider
Adjust the color of the image using the Colorify slider.

Step 6

Copy and Paste the image, rotating it about 180 degrees, and positioning at the diagonally opposite corner. 

Right-Click > Move to back

Move to Back
Right-click and Move to back.

Step 7

Use the Images options, as before, to search for a second image, using the ID if you want an exact match. Click to insert and position over the top-right corner. Right-Click > Move to back

In the Effects options, Remove background as before, and set the Vignette to 100 to soften the edges. 

Adjust Vignette
Set the Vignette to 100 to soften the edges.

Under Filters, you can experiment with different styles to see what will suit your invitation design. Here I’ve applied a Palladium filter to desaturate the green in the image. 

Experiment with different filters to see which one suits your invitation design.

Step 8

Copy and Paste the image, rotate it 180 degrees, and move to the bottom-left corner. Right-Click > Move to back.

Move to Back
As before, right-click and Move to back.

Step 9

With your invitation finished, you can click on the Share or Download buttons at the top-right corner of the workspace. You can license your images and share the design over email, ready for uploading to Instagram.

Awesome work!

Garden Party
Instagram Posts
Voilà! Magnifique!

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