Download These FREE Seamless Summer Patterns

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These seamless summer patterns will help you create an eye-catching design this summer. They’re FREE and easy to use. Download now!

Seamless patterns are extremely versatile to use in any design. You can use these patterns as the background for your design, fill out any empty shapes, or use them as an accent to make your designs pop. We created four seamless summer patterns with different themes and color palettes that are simple to use, versatile, and, of course, FREE for you to download. These patterns will add a cheerful summer vibe to your designs, and can be used for both digital and print designs.

Included in This FREE Seamless Summer Pattern Bundle

Everyone has their own version of the summer experience. That’s why we created four different patterns that can help you express your own version of summer vibes. This FREE pattern bundle contains: coconuts, floaties, fruits, and sun accents.

Summer Patterns
The four seamless summer patterns included in this bundle.

Coconut Pattern

Coconut Pattern
This coconut-flower pattern is light and refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day.

Floaties Pattern

Floaties Pattern
This pattern illustrates the chill summer day we all look forward to—floating on a beach under the sun.

Fruits Pattern

Fruits Pattern
Freshen up someone’s day with this delicious pattern!

Sunny Pattern

Sunny Pattern
Sprinkle a little cheer into your design with this delightful pattern.

The files are available in two file versions, JPG and PNG. The JPG file includes the background color so that it’s ready to use in any of your designs. The PNG file is available for your custom design. Its transparent background allows you to choose your own background color.

How to Download the FREE Seamless Summer Pattern Bundle

So, ready to incorporate these patterns in your designs? Download the bundle, no sweat! Simply click on the red download button, then extract the ZIP files. Once the content has been unpackaged, you’ll find the JPG and PNG folders within.


By downloading this FREE Seamless Summer Pattern, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Ways to Use the FREE Seamless Summer Pattern Bundle

Set as Background

The easiest, most versatile way to use this is to set it as a background to any of your designs. This will automatically transform your plain design into something eye-catching.

Coconut Background
Before and after using the pattern as background for your design.

Create Patterned Typography

Patterned Typography
Emphasize your text and insert some personality by adding a pattern.

Add personality to your typography by creating a patterned type. Use the patterns to fill out the text in your design, especially on titles and headings to make them stand out. You can learn how to make patterned typography in this tutorial.

Fill Any Shape

These patterns can also be used to fill out any shape or plain object. Use it as the main object of your design or as a decorating accent. Either way, it’s sure to transform a plain design into something fun!

Popsicle Design
Add some fun to even your simplest designs! Popsicle shape via Aletheia Shade.

How to Apply the Pattern in Adobe Photoshop

You can use the FREE Seamless Summer Patterns as a background in any size you need a repeating pattern. But, before applying the it to your canvas, you need to adjust the size in case it’s too big for your canvas. By default, these files have a high resolution of 4961 x 4961 pixels, or 16.5 x 16.5 inches. We provided a large pattern size for large printing needs, such as event banners.

So, what if we want to apply it to a smaller canvas, like a social media post? In Adobe Photoshop, we can easily create a repeating pattern with Define Pattern and Fill Pattern features. We recommend scaling the pattern size down to a quarter size of the height of your canvas. For example, if your design is for an A3 poster (11.6 x 16.5 inches), it’s recommended to resize the pattern file to 4.125 inches. After that, you can start applying the pattern automatically to your canvas. Check out our step-by-step tutorial below.

Step 1: Setup Canvas and Pattern Size

Open Adobe Photoshop, create a new document for your design using the size you need. In this tutorial, we’ll create an A3-sized document.

A3 Document
We’re creating an A3-sized document.

Open the file that you want to use, and resize by right-clicking on the canvas title, then select Image Size or click Image > Image Size. Change the size to 1/4 height of your design canvas. Make sure the width and height are the same.

Image Size
Make sure the height and the width are the same.

Step 2: Define Pattern

Click Edit > Define Pattern. This will save your image in your pattern catalog. Rename the file so that it can be more specific.

Rename File
To be more specific, rename your file.

Step 3: Fill Pattern

Go back to the design canvas that you want to fill. Create a new layer or select the layer that you want to fill, then select Edit > Fill. A pop-out window will appear. Next to the menu option Content, choose Pattern, then pick the pattern that we just defined as the Custom Pattern. If you want to see the file name, hold the cursor on the pattern thumbnail. Make sure the script option is unchecked and the blending mode is normal. Click OK, and voilà! Your canvas has been automatically filled with the pattern!

Final Step

Using the Pattern with a Transparent Background

You can use the PNG version of the pattern on top of any background color of your choice. To use the transparent pattern, the step-by step process is the same. Just choose the PNG file when you define the pattern and make sure you’re filing the layer on top of the background color layer.

Transparent Background
For a transparent background, choose the PNG file.

Bonus Tip: Customizing the Color by Adjusting Hue

Sshh, it’s a secret. You can also change the color of the patterns by using the Hue/Saturation feature in Photoshop. Simply select the pattern layer, then click Image > Adjustment > Hue/Saturation. Make sure Preview is checked, then move the hue slider until you find the pattern color you like.

Adjusting Colors
Adjusting the color is easy!

How to Apply the Pattern in Shutterstock Editor

You can also apply the patterns without using any design software. Simply head over to Shutterstock Editor with your desktop browser and follow this tutorial.

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