7 Tips On Typography in Web Design

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Working with a graphic design company takes away quite a lot of the hurdles that you’d otherwise have to deal with on your own.

Figuring out how to best make use of typography in your web design is one of those hurdles.

Typography design is particularly important as it’s one of the bridges connecting you and your users. Hence, it’s your form of communication. And just as if you are using spoken words, your website’s wording needs to convey the message as effectively.

Typography has also managed to establish itself as one of the hot trends in UI design to stick to in 2019.

With this said, below are 7 typography tips that can improve your website’s UI and UX.

The 2-Font Type Rule

When it comes to typography design, you’re better off sticking to one golden rule — never use more than two types of fonts.

Clutter is something that you have to avoid at all cost when you’re designing your website. Hence, typography fonts need to be properly picked up so that they can match the overall theme of your website.

They shouldn’t be more than two. Ideally, if you find one that best matches everything on your platform — stick to it.

letter stamp alphabet

Standards Are King

You know how when you’re talking to a friend who you’re familiar with you feel a lot more comfortable? Well, it’s the same when it comes to typography design.

The best thing you can do is use standard fonts that people are well aware of. Not only will they read them faster, but they’ll also feel more comfortable.

Unless you have a well-defined need to use a certain, rather rare type of font, you are better off with the standard classics.

Multi-Functional Typeface

You ought to choose a typeface which is working well in different sizes. That’s because users are going to be accessing your website from a range of different devices which have various screen sizes.

Hence, it’s important to make sure that your typography fonts are properly legible on smaller screens. The last thing you’d want is to make it impossible for your mobile viewership to read your content.

Make Sure Letters Are Well Defined

Have you had the issue of confusing “i” with an “L”? If you have — you’re not alone. Many typefaces are making it quite easy to confuse these two and others as well.

So, when you’re choosing your typeface, make sure that you are choosing the one which has clearly defined and distinguishable letters. This increases readability and overall user experience.

Do Not Minimize Line Spacing

That’s perhaps something that most of you will feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning. However, if there’s space between your lines (also known as leading or line height), you’re essentially improving the text’s readability.

It feels awkward at first — there’s no doubt about it. But you’ll quickly notice how much easier it is to read the text and go through it without having to stop and stare at the wording.

Color Contrast — Priority Numero Uno!

Ensuring the proper color contrast of your typography fonts and your website’s background is, and we can’t stress this enough — an absolute must.

We’ve all been there — having to manually select a piece of content on a website just because it’s white on white or blue on blue, for instance.

This destroys your website’s readability — you can’t afford it. Period.

Green or Red: a No-Go

A lot of people have color blindness. It’s a fairly common condition -, especially amongst men. Red and green color blindness is the most common form and, as such, you want to make sure that you avoid them when possible.

red green black


These are just a few of the most important typography tips that one has to keep in mind when designing a website.

However, there are a lot more, that you’d have to consider as well. This is why we began the article by saying that working with a graphic design company will certainly lift off some of the burdens.

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