10 Best Free Logo Maker Tools You Should Try In 2019

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The year 2019 welcomes the time of modernization and advancements. We are living in the world surrounded by the superhuman intelligence of AI and the fascination of augmented reality.

With the assistance of Machine Learning and AI-bots, graphic designing has become more interactive and intuitive. However, to execute such an advanced technology you must possess exceptional design skills and expertise to drive excellence using the professional software. You cannot rely on outdated methods and mundane techniques to generate innovations. You need to gear up with resources that can make you score a leading position and sustain it for longer.

Every aspect of a logo from its color to design aesthetics influences the target viewers. Your design must have the potential to connect and convince the viewers. It must have the comprehensive abilities to spread brand awareness, boost online presence and engage the target audience. You cannot simply rely on the fickle and elusive trends; you need to get your hands on a number of promising tools and software to create engaging logos. Moreover, remember that you need to be adaptable and smart if you want to outshine the best in 2019. To help you give a fistfight to your rivals, here is a list of top logo makers that guarantee the creation of compelling logos.

1- LogoVerge

LogoVerge is an AI-based free logo design tool that offers free logo creation to professional designers. The tool has a variety of ready-to-use of templates. With its seamless interface, it attracts millions of users from around the world. Making logo creation easier, it is equipped with an easy-to-use functionality. You simply have to drag and drop the elements to complete your design. If you lack design inspiration, you can sneak into its gallery and look for niche-specific icons, design patterns, and fonts.

Moreover, to assist designers, it has a broad range of color palette. You can adjust the intensities and tone to add the different effects. You can even try the color transition effect to add a compelling fair within your creation. Above all, it welcomes novices. A section of tutorials is there that guides the newbies about creating fascination in their design. Furthermore, with its efficient operating system, it facilitates users with highly intuitive and fast processing functionality. Get yourself registered, and you can enjoy the bundle of benefits.  

Key Features:

  • AI-Based Custom Logos
  • Thousands Of Image Illustrations
  • Unlimited Options For Patterns And Icons

2- Canva

As fresh as its interface is, so are its design features- Canva is among the leading online logo making tool present over the internet. Facilitating users with a vast variety of templates and industry-specific icons, the tool assist professionals as well as beginners in creating captivating graphics. You can bring a boost in your brand’s overall online presence by relying on a tool like this. Canva is equipped with billions of images, patterns and design features. It has image filters and free shapes to add appeal in your design. With the help of hundreds of fonts, you can make appropriate logos for your niche.

With its availability for a diverse range of platform- IOS, Android, or Windows, the tool provides the ability to resize and edit your logos. You can download the file in any format you want whether JPG, PDF or PNG. Moreover, upon subscribing for premium accounts, you get access to its promising directory of exclusive fonts, icons, and high definition templates.

Key Features:

  • Free Design Re-Edits
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Broad Range Of Color Palette

3- DesignHill

Designhill is an AI-based logo maker that assists users in making appealing logos within minutes. The tool, with its smart bots, quickly identifies the right features and requirements for each customer and offers a valuable suggestion. Achieving the highest rating, the tool within a short period has gained a lot of online recognition. You can browse through a vast variety of icons, pictures, industry-specific templates, and professional features. It’s the best platform to seek inspiration to create high-definition logos for your brand. Tailoring to your needs, the tool provides exceptionally customized logos with appropriate logo fonts and types.

Core Features

  • Downloadable high-quality vector files
  • Copyright ownership of your work
  • Multiple color variations for your logo
  • Unlimited design revisions
  • Social media kit for over 50+ logo design versions

4- Squarespace logo

Squarespace logo has made its name by offering limited but high quality features to users. It facilitates small-scale businesses with a variety of templates to save time in logo creation. Due to its sleek interface, many professional graphics designers recommend it. The tool has a comparatively smaller directory of icons and images, but it stands out for its unbeatable quality graphics.

The variety of tools and options to enhance a simple idea depict the superior traits the tool acquires. To add life to your idea, you have to sign up select your industry and then browse through the hundreds of design features. You can put a filter on your search and in no time get the best logo designed.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Downloading
  • Millions Of Niche-Specific Templates
  • Smooth Functionality

5- Online Logo Maker

Knowing the amount of frustration users encounters when they come across troublesome interface with limited features, the Online Logo Maker has created a highly professional and sleek logo maker for you. It provides absolutely free logo creation with bundle of other features. Backed with powerful technology, the tool bridges the gap between creativity and resources.

Just when an amazing idea hits you, get on the tool and add life in it. You can accelerate the brand awareness and reach out to millions of users around the world by creating an authoritative brand personality using Online Logo Maker.

Key Features:

  • High Quality Vector files
  • Multiple color variations
  • Unlimited logo icons

6- DesignEvo

Aimed at bringing ease in the cumbersome process of logo designing the tool- DesignEvo is the premier logo making online tool. The tool is equipped with hundreds of high definition templates that occupy unique flair of creativity. You can create enticing logos all on your own whether you have prior designing experience or an expert at work.

It facilitates designers with various skills to unleash your creativity and spread glamour around the world by producing eye-pleasing logos. You can add icons and patterns to connect with viewers and boost its productivity.

Key Features:

  • Free to Use
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • Hundreds of Fonts

7- Logojoy

Logojoy was founded in 2016 and within such a short period it got acknowledged as one of the smartest and most efficient tools for creating logo designs. The tool has AI-integration and has been known for creating the most intuitive graphics. From adding high definition colors to pixel-perfect features, the tool not just saves time but it keeps a tap on investments too.

With the use of AI technology, it has eliminated the use of a middleman-the designer. Logojoy is super-efficient to grab the best design features out of the requirements users insert. It filters down the search and assists users in producing eye-pleasing and industry-specific logos for their brands.

Key Features:

  • Easy-To-Use Interface
  • Organized Gallery And Directories
  • Most Affordable Pricing

8- Foundry

Foundry is an IOS logo design tool that facilitates users with a proficient interface to create and design highly responsive logos. You can access the tool using your IPad or iPhone and indulge in the amusement of creating appealing artwork. The tool is full of over 3000 icons and symbols. Moreover, with the facility to use advanced text and a variety of fonts, you can produce engaging typography and entice your viewers. Above all, it offers unlimited downloads in JPG and PNG formats.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Effects And Visuals
  • Rework Options
  • Facility To Download Vector File Format  

9- Shopify

Shopify is a massive platform that provides efficient and effective logo making features. With the huge gallery of high-resolution features, icons, shapes, and symbol, you can produce out-of-the-box logos within no time. The tool is equipped with millions of options to browse through.

You can seek inspiration form the many design templates available online. If you want to create a logo that stand out of the clutters, you can subscribe or its premium membership where professional assists the users to unleash their creativity. The logos created at Shopify depict unique traits and are powerful enough to enhance your online reach.

Key Features:

  • Fully Customizable Templates
  • Over 8000+ Amazing Templates
  • Expert Tutorials

10- Logo Genie

Logo Genie provides low budget logo creation. The tool is designed for novices and small-scale companies. It assists users in producing successful logos at most affordable pricing and rates. The tool is tailored to the needs of users and provide a highly customizable interface. Within few clicks, you can give your idea a beautiful outlook.

Key Features:

  • Access To Over 20,000 Symbols
  • Support For Multiple File Formats
  • Easy-To-Resize Logos

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