December 2018 Comics w/ CodeinWP … #SocialMedia #Friends #Freelancers

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Heya guys ?

Have you recovered from Black Friday-itis? It doesn’t matter whether you are buying or selling, the day is terrifying. In many ways, this makes it the perfect segue into Christmas which also brings us to the monthly comics for December. This month’s comics are our humble attempt to help you get from the craziness of Black Friday and through the zaniness of Christmas.

Unlike the jolly red man, we have something for everyone. This month we ask whether you should trust magic or a friend when you need tech advice. We’re also going to consider the etiquette of remote interviews: to pants or not to pants? We look at a famous WordPress error and the role of chance in tech driven roles. There’s also some time for a classic social media joke.

Once again, put your hands together for our good friend, João Santos who works to bring all of the comics to life. Don’t forget we have a post every month and November’s comics are just one click away. If you are looking for the previous collections stop by our full comics archive anytime.

December 2018 Tech Comics w/ CodeinWP


December 2018 Comics with CodeinWP: On Algorithm Prediction, Exploiting Your Friends, and Too-Casual Interviews ?

When the Ouija board isn’t working, seek out a social media professional

Trying to get ahead of the social media algorithm with magic

Every social media strategy should have a mysticism budget.

Why pay good money for support when you can just exploit your friends?

The answer to 95% of tech problems: turn it off. Turn it on.

With friends like these, who needs a paying job and roof over their head?

I think this guy might be a problem on Casual Friday

How to interview for remote roles

If you have never had an interview without pants, then you’re probably not a “real” remote worker.

Famous last words: It’s just a small fix…

tech tarot

From the internationally acclaimed bestseller: How to Break Sites and Annoy People.

Boldly going where angels fear to tread

Quiting Social Media

If your social media account is deactivated and your followers don’t notice, did you ever exist?

And that’s the end of yet another chapter. If you enjoyed this month’s edition then be sure to love with a pin, or tweet. If you’ve got a joke burning a hole in your consciousness, let us know and we’ll get it to our illustrator to see if it goes anywhere.

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