10 Highly Effective Web Design Tips Backed by Fireart Studio

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The title says it all. 10 highly effective web design tips backed by Fireart Studio. We’ve taken the liberty to provide you with a quick and non-burdensome list of awesome tips which will have an immediate impact on your website.

Additionally, we’d also like to direct your attention to another material we’ve done on a few reasons why website design can impact your sales and how to take advantage of that.

Without any further ado, here we go.

Tip #1 Fast Loading

We know that this is not exactly a web design tip to consider, yet we believe it’s important enough to put it as number one.

The quicker your website loads, the more people will like it, give its other components are in line. It’s as simple as that. Your website needs to have prompt loading times for all of your users and, just as importantly — on all devices.

There are plenty of tools that you can take advantage of in order to determine the loading speed of your website such as Pagespeed Insights brought by Google directly.

Tip #2 Mobile Ready

Smart devices are used by the majority of users on a daily basis. Therefore, your design needs to have this factored.

Your website design has to be engaging, mobile-friendly, and easily accessible. This will improve your user’s experience and enhance their engagement.

As an experienced website design studio, we can easily guarantee that responsive design is a fundamental step in the creation of your effective website.

Tip #3 Enable Tracking — Data Matters!

That’s the last non-design tip we will provide you with, we promise! However, keeping proper track of your website’s metrics is a crucial thing to measure its overall performance.

Analytics matter. Hence, this is why your final design needs to include the functionality to gauge important indicators. These include traffic, goals, conversions, and whatever else you can think of.

Tip #4 Hick’s Law — Keep it in Mind

Hick’s Law stipulates that the more choices one has, the more time he’ll take to make a decision.

When it comes to your website design, that’s pretty much the opposite of what it has to do. You need to make sure that your visitor takes the desired decision as quickly as possible.

Here’s what you might want to do to get the job done:

  • Reduce the overall number of items on the menu
  • Limit the form fields
  • Place focus on your call to action
  • Only display your most active social media buttons
  • Stick to one goal per page

Tip #5 Keep it Simple


That’s a continuation of the theme of less. An important Google study shows that visitors are not fans of visual complexity.

In other words, the more complicated your design is, the less it is being perceived by your visitors as beautiful.

There are a few things that you can do here. First, you might want to ditch your sidebar and replace it with a single-column design. Another handy tip is to stick to certain standard layouts. The fact is that people love familiarity and they can easily get weirded out by website designs which are out of the ordinary.  

Tip #6 Scrolling Over Clicking

A case study presented by Crazy Egg ended up showing some amazing facts. As we’ve said above, less is more in the context of effective website design. But if you don’t compress your information into sliders, how are you going to present it

Well, just put everything on one long page. Include the things that you would usually tuck away. That’s how it works. The case study above shows that conversions skyrocketed.

This goes to show that getting rid of clicking and replacing it with scrolling works… a lot.

Tip #7 Colors — Don’t Forget

A properly devised color palette can definitely go a long way in order to enhance the overall user experience of your website. Using complementary colors can create both harmony and balance. On the other hand, if you use contrasting colors for the text and the background, this will enhance the readability.

Colors are cool, make sure to use them properly. Also, make sure to do well using white space — it’s a gem you can’t afford not to take advantage of.

Tip #8 Quality Imagery

They say a perfect picture can say a thousand words. However, the same is true for low-quality imagery. It could destroy your online presence.

It’s impossible to stress out enough on the importance of high-quality and unique images on your website. They can be used to direct attention, to express and to invoke emotions and whatnot.

Tip #9 Photos of People

Continuing our previous tip, photos of people can work miracles. Of course, again, we are not talking about using cheap and worn-out stock photography.

Make sure the images you choose are properly picked up, researched, and have an idea. Why do you want to use that picture of that person exactly? It should have a properly justified and well-thought of the answer. Not just because.

Tip #10 Social Proof


There’s a well-known tendency in human behavior to follow the actions of others. Therefore, if a group of people approves of something, others are much more likely to do the same.

This is something that you might want to leverage by showing social proof on your website. A slick way to do this through the design of your website is to incorporate media mentions, testimonials, social shares, views, likes, and whatnot.


We can go on and on. But as we said, less is more. Start by focusing on the above and you’ll quickly see the results. There are plenty of additional things you can do, but it’s important to start with the fundamentals. Of course, you can always get in touch if you need further assistance or, well, just a professional web design agency to speak to.

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