Watch a five-storey building cruise along China’s Yangtze River – CNET

China’s internet went wild.

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China’s online shopping platforms carry plenty of bizarre goods — think live animals, oil tankers and elf earbuds — and it looked like another ambitious online shopper had shipped a house too.

But no, the above video brings forth the spectacle of restaurant Impression Jiangjin, which local authorities in Chongqing, China were relocating because of pollution concerns, according to state media outlet CGTN.

The floating restaurant is one of 106 restaurants that were taken down or shifted as efforts in the country step up to fight water pollution and protect the river, according to the publication.

In the video, a five-storey structure with a red roof can be seen cruising along the Yangtze River with two barges following behind. The barges were pushing the Impression Jiangjin along, local media reported.

The internet went wild after the video surfaced on China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo, with more than 107,000 thumbs-up and over 52,000 reposts at time of writing. Many expressed disbelief at the rare sight, even calling it “magical.”

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