16Jan2020 – Upgrade to Diagram

As discussed previously in my What’s New with VMware vCloud Director 10.0 Series (Part 1 and Part 2), I was working on a diagram that reviews how the VMware vCloud Director 10.0 upgrade and migration workflow.

I used MindNode to complete this diagram. The diagram reviews if you choose to stay on the Linux and External PostgreSQL (PgSQL) path or consume the multi-faceted vCloud Director appliance.

There are considerations for the appliance and Linux form factor. I’d like to point out a few items:

  1. vCD 10.0 only supports PostgreSQL. There is no more Microsoft SQL Server support. Oracle was deprecated several versions ago. However, I do show a migration path to PgSQL in this diagram.
  2. Using the vCD Appliance provides PgSQL availability. However, loss of the master node requires manual failover to the replica instance.
  3. Using an External PostgreSQL instance is fully supported. However, you will need to collaborate with your database point of contact for optimal configuration. This is no different than when we had MS-SQL or Oracle support.
  4. As of today, VMware will continue to ship the binaries and appliance. From my purview, there are no identified plans to only cut over the appliance. I suggest working with your architecture team to define constraints and/or end-requirements.

Two different PNGs below – standard PNG and one in transparent mode. I hope this clarifies the options available to upgrade to vCloud Director 10.0! Thanks to Sean Smith and Bob Motanagh for the review.

Edit – thanks to Tomas Fojta for his review along with Robért’s comment on this blog post. I’ve updated the drawings.


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