Verify Distribution of Memory Modules with PowerCLI

Get-CimInstance -CimSession $Session CIM_PhysicalMemory | select BankLabel, Description, @{n=‘Capacity in GB';e={$_.Capacity/1GB}} 

PowerCLI Script to Detect Node Interleaving

Get-VMhost | select @{Name="Host Name";Expression={$_.Name}}, ?@{Name="CPU Sockets";Expression={$_.ExtensionData.Hardware.CpuInfo.NumCpuPackages}}, ?@{Name="NUMA Nodes";Expression={$_.ExtensionData.Hardware.NumaInfo.NumNodes}} 

Action-Affinity Monitoring

-t numa-migration 

Disable Action Affinity

numa.LocalityWeightActionAffinity = 0 


For more information on how to enable PreferHT: KB article 2003582

Host Setting:  numa.PreferHT=1 
VM Setting:  numa.vcpu.PreferHT = TRUE 

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