Here at cPanel, Inc., we pride ourselves on our customers’ satisfaction. Our goal has always been to create an experience unlike any other. We do this by implementing new features based upon your requests and by enhancing the current system to perform faster, more efficiently, and smoothly.

Google Drive™ and Rsync Backup Destinations

Many of you requested the ability for a Google Drive transport with Backups. And as of cPanel & WHM version 66, that is now an option. However, we at cPanel are overachievers. We didn’t stop just there. We also implemented a new Rsync transport. Now you can take advantage of Rsync AND Google Drive with your backup destinations. But these destination types aren’t the only features worth mentioning. These new destination types increase your system’s customizability, as well as performance.

Improved, and Remote Incremental Backups

In addition to the Google Drive and Rsync destinations, we’ve reduced the memory cost of backups and introduced a new design for incremental backups and their ability for multiple retention points. Using the Rsync transport destination, you can also now store your incremental backups remotely! Take advantage of the speed and reliability of incremental backups, while retaining the peace of mind of hosting your backups remotely.

Custom Backup Destinations

You now have the ability to create your own custom transport with Google Drive or Rsync. If you would like to learn more information about the benefits these destination types bring and how to set them up, read our Custom Backup Destination Guide documentation.

The Future is Bright

There are several exciting features that we’re hoping to see land in the next release. In the following months, we’ll be working on File and Directory-level restores of your backups. With these new features, you can select one file from your backups to restore, or restore an entire directory. We’re very excited to share these features with you. The future is bright here at cPanel, and we’re thrilled to be joined by you on this adventure. Until then, keep sending in your requests. And we’ll keep delivering.

For additional information about custom transports and backup configurations, check out the following documents:

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