This is a quickie, but I’m hoping this will help others if they run into this. I received some odd behavior when attempting to remove a vCenter endpoint. Basically, vCloud Director was stating to unprepare the hosts, but vCD is not utilizing host agents anymore nor does the hosts page show the hosts. I found a workaround for this.

I’ve been testing the vCD 9.5 release and was cleaning up a previous vCD install to migrate to a net new environment. Therefore, I was removing a vCenter endpoint and received some strange behavior.

Once I cleaned up all ancillary objects (oVDC, pVDC, etc), I attempted to detach the vCenter –

Well, it errors out. Says I need to unprepare the hosts…

But I do not have any hosts available –

Odd! So, it turns out this process is attempting to delete the automatically created VXLAN network pool and fails (as intended). Here’s the workaround – the managed_server table is really not utilized since we’ve been moving away from host agents.

To resolve this issue, I had to truncate the managed_server table.

Here’s what I did in my lab to fix this:

**BACKUP YOUR DATABASE BEFORE DOING THIS – I did this in a lab and have not seen if this impacts multiple endpoints**

  1. Backup your database.
  2. Log into your DB using your favorite client – I have a Oracle DB so using sqlplus –
  3. We are going to truncate the managed_server table. For me, I had to type “TRUNCATE TABLE managed_server;”
  4. Alright, ready to test removing the vCenter endpoint – 
  5. Working….
  6. Voila! 

I did bring this up to our Engineering team and hoping this will be rectified in future versions. Cheers!


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