I am happy to announce that vCloud Director Extender was released earlier this week as we can see below –

We can also see the release notes have been posted here: https://docs.vmware.com/en/vCloud-Director-Extender/1.1/rn/vCloud-Director-Extender-11-Release-Notes.html

So, what’s new with this release?

Updated Items

  1. Tested operational scale – a significant amount of testing and evaluation was put into this release to verify the number of deployments, cold or warm migrations, and L2VPN network extensions (or DC Extensions). This allows the Provider to plan accordingly based on these guidelines.
    1. Up to 20 connected on-prem Managers to a single Provider Extender Manager instance.
    2. Migrate up to 50 VM’s via warm migration simultaneously to a Provider
    3. 300 to 1500 cold migrations from a single to multiple on-prem instances to a Provider
    4. Up to 5 L2VPN extensions per on-prem instance, or up to 20 extensions from multiple tenant instances to a Provider.
  2. Support for older vCenter instances – this was a big ask from our Providers where they were working with clients that had 5.5 instances. This allows for a seamless migration to a vCloud environment.
  3. Offline seeding to a target cloud – minimizes the amount of initial sync time before cutover. Very nice addition.
  4. Co-existence with vCloud Availability for DR – another great value point for current Providers that are running vCAv DR2C for DR as a Service (DRaaS) simultaneously. Note that you can only migrate or protect a VM with one of the products, not both.
    1. Another note – I am currently running vCloud Availability for Cloud to Cloud (vCAv-C2C) in my test environment and this seems to co-exist with vCD Extender. However, this has not been certified as of yet!
  5. Testing a cutover in a war migration that does consistency checks to verify functionality.

Last of all, there was a permissions update for the organization administrator role. Please review this blog post for my updated permissions script and the necessary org admin rights.

Thank you!


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