Understanding Java Compiler and Java Virtual Machine – Part 4

Till now we have gone through working and code structure of Java and Class, Main method & Loop Control in Java. Here in this post we will see What is Java Compiler and Java...

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Till now we have gone through working and code structure of Java and Class, Main method & Loop Control in Java. Here in this post we will see What is Java Compiler and Java Virtual Machine. What are they meant for and their roles.

Understanding Java Compiler and Java Virtual Machine

Understanding Java Compiler and Java Virtual Machine – Part 4

What is Java Compiler

Java is a strongly typed language which means variable must hold right kind of data. In a strongly typed language a variable can not hold wrong data type. This is a safety feature very well implemented in Java Programming Language.

Java compiler is responsible for through checking the variables for any violation in data-type holding. A few exception may arise at run-time which is compulsory for dynamic binding feature of Java. As Java program runs it may include new objects that were not existing before hence to have some degree of flexibility a few exceptions are allowed in data-type that a variable can hold.

Java Compiler set filter for those piece of code that won’t compile ever except for the comments. Compiler do not parse the comments and leave it as it is. Java code supports three kinds of comments within Program.


Anything that is placed between /* and */ or /** and */ or after // is ignored by Java Compiler.

Java Compiler is responsible for strict checking any syntax violation. Java Compiler is designed to be a bytecode compiler ie., it create a class file out of actual program file written purely in bytecode.

Java Compiler is the first stage of security. It is the first line of defense where checking for incorrect data-type in variable is checked. A wrong data-type can cause damage to the program and outside it. Also compiler check if any piece of code trying to invoke restricted piece of code like private class. It restrict unauthorized access of code/class/critical data.

Java Compiler produce bytecodes/class file that are platform and architecturally neutral that requires JVM to run and it will literally run on any device/platform/architecture.

What is Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Java Virtual Machine is the next line of security which put an extra layer between Java Application and OS. Also it check the class file that has been security checked and compiled by Java Compiler, if someone tampered the class file/bytecode to restrict access to unauthorized critical data.

Java Virtual Machine interprets the bytecode by loading the class file to machine Language.

JVM is responsible for functions like Load and Store, Arithmetic calculation, Type conversion, Object Creation, Object Manupulation, Control Transfer, Throwing exception, etc.

The working model of Java in which Java Compiler compiles the code into calssfile/bytecodes and then Java Virtual Machine run the classfile/bytecode. This model ensures that code run at fast speed and the additional layer ensures security.

So what do you think – Java Compiler or Java Virtual Machine perform more important task? A Java program has to run through both the surface (Compiler and JVM) essentially.

This post sums the role of Java Compiler and JVM. All your suggestions are welcome in the comments below. We are working on the next post “object oriented approach of Java”. Till then stay tuned and connected to TecMint. Like and share us and help us get spread.

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