The Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle (14-Courses)

The back end of a website or web application comprises basically of a server, application code, and a database. Back end developers are responsible for building and maintaining the technologies that power those components which, together, enable the user-facing side (front-end) of the website or application.

A back-end developer uses server-side technologies including programming languages such as PHP, Python, Java, C, Nodejs, React, and more, to build an application, and tools like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server as a database management system.

Are you interested in learning back-end development? If yes, here is The Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle to get you started. This bundle is made up of 14 courses and covers 78 hours of top-rated programming instructions.

In this massive bundle, you will learn and master some of the above listed languages. You will also learn rapid web development frameworks for building modern website and web applications in a fast and reliable manner.

What’s included in This Bundle:

  • Bootstrap 4 Rapid Web Development Framework
  • Complete SQL Database Training Course
  • Learn JavaScript In 1 Hour
  • Learn jQuery In 1 Hour
  • Learn Python In 1 Hour
  • The Complete Java And Android Studio Course For Beginners
  • Fast Track Python For Newbies
  • Learn JavaScript AJAX In 1 Hour
  • Learn jQuery AJAX In 1 Hour
  • Learn Python Django: A Hands On Course
  • Dynamic JavaScript Masterclass
  • The Complete Bootstrap For Rapid Web Development Course
  • Introduction To React And Redux: Code Web Apps In JavaScript
  • C Programming For Beginners

Start your programming career with The Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle and master how to create modern, reliable, secure and efficient websites and web applications using popular programming languages and rapid web development frameworks.

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