The Leica M10-D pretends to be a film camera by ditching the screen – CNET

There’s even a fake film advance lever to complete the illusion.

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There’s no screen on the back of this digital camera; you use your phone instead.


On Wednesday, Leica announced the Leica M10-D. From the outside, this digital camera looks exactly like an analog film camera. Perhaps a little bit too much.

Unlike other digital cameras on the market, it doesn’t have a rear display. If you want to see the photo you just took, you’ll have to download the Leica Fotos app on your phone and connect your camera via Wi-Fi.

Leica says the lack of screen helps the photographer “focus on the moment” instead of the camera. It also seems like an obvious homage to film cameras — it’s not the first time Leica’s removed the screen on a digital camera, either.

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To further the film camera illusion, Leica included a fake film advance lever, which it calls a thumb rest. There are also analog buttons and dials, and a switch to turn on the camera’s Wi-Fi access.

Aside from these analog differences, the Leica M10-D closely resembles the Leica M10 and Leica M10-P. And as with those cameras, you’ll have to pay a premium price. The Leica M10-D costs $7,995 or £6,500 (that translates to about AU$11,320) and is available now on the Leica website.

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