The Big Data Hadoop Spark & Administrator Master Bundle [6-Courses]

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Big Data is a data set so large and complex that traditional data-processing software are not capable to process and handle them. Examples of big data include the posts stored on Facebook’s servers, the information Google gets from tracking car rides, data generated within healthcare systems and so much more.

Big data has become big business in today’s commercial world, and this has created a great opportunity for aspiring data scientists, IT experts and beyond. And here to get you started with skills in processing and managing big data is The Big Data Hadoop Spark & Administrator Master Bundle.

This 6-course bundle is your ideal starting point for anyone aspiring to break into big data. You will master how the components of the Hadoop ecosystem fit in with the big data processing lifecycle and beyond. You will learn the Hadoop fundamentals and prepare you for Cloudera’s CCA175 Big data certification.

Through 24 hours of content 24/7, you will acquire practical knowledge and skills in big data frameworks using Hadoop and Spark. Your training will help you master how to use Pig, Hive and Impala to process and analyze large datasets. In addition, you will learn real-time data processing using Spark.

What’s Included in This Course?

  • Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer
  • Big Data Hadoop Administrator Certification Training
  • Data Science With SAS Certification Training
  • Certified SAS Base Programmer Certification Training
  • Impala: An Open-Source SQL Engine For Hadoop Training Course
  • MongoDB Developer & Administrator Certification Training

At the end of your training, you will be able to come up with real-life projects using CloudLab for telecommunication, social media, insurance, e-commerce and more. Importantly, your training will also prepare you to excel in the Cloudera CCA175 big data certification exam.

Big Data is taking the world by storm, it is the fastest growing and most promising technology for handling large volumes of data for doing data analytics. Take advantage of this deal and get The Big Data Hadoop Spark & Administrator Master Bundle now at 96% off or for as low as $79 on Tecmint Deals.

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