LGBTQ+ Photographers Redefining Wedding Ceremonies

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There is no such thing as too much romance in wedding photography. These LGBTQ+ photographers are showcasing new flavors of it.

As we continue to move towards a more open and inclusive society, we’re also creating a safer space for LGBTQ+ folks to freely express their true selves. For years, people would frown upon same-sex couples holding hands in public, much in less wedding ceremonies.

Today, social media is overflowing with LGBTQ+ elopement and wedding photographs, challenging old beliefs and boundaries. And, members of this community continue to showcase their craft. We’re here to support these amazing photographers and absorb their inspiration.

Jamie Carle

Based in Portland, Oregon, Jaime Carle describes her niche as LGBTQ+ and feminist weddings. They may not be booking now, but their photos are just straightforward stunning. We love how they play with lighting, maximizing the beauty of natural light. Carle’s images have this sense of fairytale magic that’s perfect for wedding shots.

The Lumen Studios

Chelsie and Tori are the talent behind Lumen Studios, and the way they capture genuine emotions is just, well, amazing. They focus on films but still, amazing.

We love how their work is a mix of fun and quirky, sweet and romantic. It’s refreshing to see fun films like theirs, how they take today’s trends and use it to tell stories in a more interesting way. As if these modern love stories happened effortlessly. Because, maybe they did. Love is supposed to be easy, right?

Shawnee Custalow

Shawnee Custalow is a queer feminist photographer who’s all about love and body positivity. And yes, you can see that in her images.

The way she captures couples, she showcases not only the emotions but how beautiful and unique their bodies are. Something we all need, not only in wedding photography. Focusing on boudoir style, her work embodies love and freedom, showing us true love looks gorgeous. Plain and simple.

Jamie Thrower

If Jamie’s photos don’t inspire you, we suggest you take a closer look. Jamie Thrower is the photographer behind Studio XIII and their photography is like an explosion of joy and love. As if each still frame were a celebration. Perhaps, because it is.

Thrower, who also identifies as queer, began shooting weddings before marriage equality became acceptable. They saw the need for someone to accurately capture LGBTQ+ weddings and, today, they continue to photograph madly in love couples.

Along with other photographers involved with Studio XIII, Thrower continues to capture the nuances of love.

Fareena Valliani

Fareena Valliani’s images are rebellious, adventurous, and we’re loving it. It’s not every day that you come across photographers who choose to capture weddings and elopements with so much uniqueness and identity in each image.

Valliani knows how to make their subjects comfortable in front of the camera and this results in raw, romantic, playful photos. Based in Texas, Valliani celebrates love with a different flavor and it shows in her photography style.

Tara Beth

Tara Beth’s images are so easy and relaxed you’ll never get bored scrolling through their Instagram. Each image is full of romance. And, while that’s common in wedding photography, the way Tara Beth captures it is plainly beautiful.

They take classic wedding shots and show the world these shots can be LGBTQ-friendly. That they’re not poses exclusive for straight couples. Perhaps that’s what we love the most about Tara Beth’s photography.

Henry Tieu

Based in Seattle, yet travels for the love of photography, Henry Tieu’s images are just breathtaking. Their shots are so fairytale-like and, at the same time, realistic and relatable, authentic and full of emotions. Aside from the fact that Tieu’s Instagram is full of images shot in picturesque locations, can we also mention they do awesome edits?

Steph Grant

Steph Grant is a highly sought-out photographer and if you check out her Instagram, you’ll know why. Her photography has this fun, light vibe, steering away from cliché shots. Seriously, romance never looked so beautiful.

We love how Grant showcases all the genuine emotions as if they’re flowing from the subjects and caught in still frame. So, whether that’s a wedding, elopement, or a typical day in a gay couple’s life, Grant clearly knows how to capture it.

Kelly Prizel

Based between New York and Connecticut, Kelly Prizel is a photographer all about queer tradition. And, of course, we’re inspired by their feed. This queer Jewish femme knows how to take non-boring wedding photographs!

Prizel’s feed is bursting with color and life. We love how they take rather typical poses and capture them from unique angles. It never fails to give each photo the flair it deserves.

Carly Romero

Carly Romero is the kind of photographer who takes classic wedding shots and turns them into something deeper and inspiring. Their photographs feel natural. So, if you’re looking for something with less planned poses and more spontaneous events, Romero is worth the follow. Worth the hire, too, of course!

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