Deal: Learn Python Programming Pro Bundle (6-Courses) $29 – Save 84% off

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Ready for a assured career upgrade? Python programming language is one of the most popular and widely used coding language in today’s world, and with a extensive familiarity you will have each tool to be your organization’s go to resource for data resolution, development and much more.

Learn Python Programming Course

With our 6-course Python Programming Pro Bundle, you will get entry to access almost 200+ lectures, that will bring you a extensive knowledge about the Python environment. The entire bundle is now offered for just $29 from our TecMint Deals, at a amazing discount i.e. 84% off for a very limited time.

Through this 6-course Python bundle, you will found familiarity with each important aspect of Python web development. You will begin with a immense overview about Python basic concepts, and then progress into more advanced fundamentals such as web servers programming, configuring and managing MySQL databases.

You will also gain a deep understanding on how to monitor insights from huge datasets using Python, dissecting and investigating data with help of Pandas and NumPy libraries. You will become familiar with Django, a Python framework used to build complex database driven web applications and sites that allow you to rapidly scale what you develop.

In addition, you will also learn Matplotlib, a 2D Python plotting library used to convert a raw data into graphs and also you will get a chance to explore game development by developing a real, working replica of the viral hit Flappy Bird.

The Python Programming Pro Bundle includes following things:

  1. Analyzing Data using Python and Pandas
  2. Learn Python Django From Scratch
  3. Python Web Programming
  4. Data Visualization with Python and Matplotlib
  5. Python Programming for Beginners
  6. Python Game Development

Please note, that these 6-course Python bundle would cost you around $192, but we’re offering the entire bundle for just $29 and save 84% off. So hurry up and grab this offer now and upgrade your Python skills.

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