Insight 2: Use a different lens

Another missed assumption was who our growth user was. We had assumed that our core user was the Project Manager persona?—?after all we are a project management app.

However, while Project Managers drive strong usage, we found that our growth user was a wholly different persona. We had made the mistake of assuming that our core users were exactly the same as our web product.

Users that find more value from the Bot have a more causal interaction with our app. They were either managers that wanted some lightweight reporting to see how their teams were doing, or individual contributors who were responsible for logging their time on a project.

Turns out our sweet spot was less about being in the middle, but being at the edges:

Your growth market may not be who you think

Don’t assume that your core users in one platform are the same when you extend to a new channel. Apply a different lens starting from the benefits of the channel to find your core audience.

Insight 3: Meet your users where they are

We’ve been able to grow the product with the help and advice from our users. What we did right was to continually communicate with our users?—?even those that said ‘No’ during the early stages. When someone ‘No’ to your product, its because the cost of adoption outweighs perceived value. To get them to say ‘Yes’ you’ll need to demonstrate that the value is 9x the cost.

Customers partnered with us because of a shared vision, 
but left because we failed to execute.

Find users who want to love you

When searching for traction, your best users are ones that once said ‘Yes’ but now say ‘No’. Every month, we’d continue to update all users (including those who churned) in a simple monthly note on our progress. In the update, I’d include new improvements and ask a simple question. The update made them aware of what’s going on, but the question made them invested into what’s going on.

The constant communication served as feedback loops for us to recover from missed opportunities. Ultimately, we were able to find hot problems to solve and successfully execute against it.

Openly and consistently communicate with former and current customers

Ride the rollercoaster of value with your user
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