Single cPanel Account Backup

This guide will explain how to backup all aspects of your single cPanel account.

1. Login to The cPanel account you wish to

2. Click ‘Backup’ from the main menu.
This will
take you to this screen.

3. Click ‘Generate/Download a Full

4. Here you have the option to save the file in the
home directory or have cPanel upload the backed up file to a remote
FTP. What you do is up to you, I personaly back it up to my home
directory then login via FTP and download it to my home computer.

5. Enter your e-mail address. – So you can know when the
cPanel backup is complete.

6. Once you select your options,
and click “Generate Backup”
sit tight and wait for it to finish,
you will get an e-mail letting you know it’s done.

7. Logon
to your site through FTP, and download the file:
The file will
look something like this:
As you can
see the date and time and account name are in the file name.

9. WinZip can unzip .gz files so you are ok to use

10. Now we are going to download a ‘Download a home
directory Backup’

11. Simply click on ‘Download a home
directory Backup’ and it will start a download to through your
internet browser.

Download Alias/Filter Backup

Simply click on the alias / filter you wish to download, and
a download will start in your internet browser

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