The style of a character design often depends on the software it was created with. Raster based applications like Photoshop lead to digitally painted artwork with realistic texturing and shading; 3D modelling programs like Maya allow artists to produce easily animated characters with realistic surface materials; while vector software like Adobe Illustrator typically lends itself to more stylised and abstract designs made from basic shapes, hard outlines and bright colours. In today’s inspiration showcase I present a variety of fun vector character designs from a range of artists. See how they all adopt a different illustration style, but they all feature the recognisable aesthetics of vector artwork.

Girl Skateboarding by Anton Fritsler

Mad Alchemist by Jona Dingles

Hard Day's Night by RADIO

Butter Stick by Nick Slater

Hades and Poseidon by Gregory Hartman

Tats by Vic

Adventures of Ripley by Chi Birmingham

Astro Dog by Rabricio Rosa Marques

RPG Player and his Character by July Pluto

Nebacetin by Patswerk

King of Hearts by Filipe SJ

Character for Curse App by Evgeny Polukhin

Amy by Virginia Garrido Millan

Google Accelerator by Abigail Goh

Simpletons Strange Creatures by Dan Gartman

Benefits Illustrations by Arek Kajda

Me and my Wife by Malik Douar

Character Collection by Jones & Co

Subtle Textured Fox by Yulia Sokolova

Condorito by Rubens Scarelli

Character Designs by Dermot Reddan

The Accountant by Fonzy Nils

Mercenaries by Evgeny Polukhin

Alebrines by Alexander Vidal

People by Diana Dementeva

Character Designs by Dermot Reddan

Character Design by Sam Peet

Skullbot by Cronobreaker

Brave Viking by Enrique Figueroa

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