Showcase of Stylish Single Weight Line Art Illustrations

I love the abstract style of line art illustrations. It’s amazing how just a single stroke weight can be used to create intricate patterns and recognisable drawings with basic geometric shapes. In today’s showcase I present a range of stylish illustrations made from just stroked paths, see how these designers use simple lines to produce detailed vector art. Fancy giving this style of art a go yourself? Check out my classic tattoo style illustration tutorial to learn how to create similar line art designs.

Golden Sun Overlord by Penabranca

The Journey by Jennifer Wick

Print Matters by Justin Tran

Trust Printshop by Pavlov

ZERO4 by Alessandro Bergomi

Oporto by André Torres

Florence Design Week by Rafa San Emeterio

Line Cities by Cristian Bogdan Rosu

Just a bit of fantasy by Alain L'thi

Holiday Greeting Card by Yiwen Lu

Mingo Lamberti by MUTI

Ethnic Pattern by Maria Pastykh

Get Back To Work by Drew Ellis

Parliament Hill by Nick Slater

Revivalist by Jeff Finley

Phish Fall Tour Shirt by Brian Steely

SeatGeek T-Shirt by Ben Stafford

He Who Is by Ryan Clark

Marvel iOS Landing Screen by Fabrico Rosa Marques

Snake & Dagger by Benjamin Garner

New Year's Invite by Daniel Haire

It's for the kids! by Brian Steely

Nooklyn Holiday Card by Daniel Haire

Flatstock 43 Poster by Aaron Eiland

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