Showcase of Modern Paleoart: 60 Fearsome Dinosaur Illustrations & 3D Renders

If like me, you went through a dinosaur phase during your childhood, one of the first genres of art you probably developed an appreciation for is Paleoart—the depiction prehistoric life. I loved browsing though my collection of Dinosaurs! magazine, admiring the pages of colourful hand-illustrated artist’s impressions of oversized lizards. The tools available to paleo-artists have since evolved to include digital illustration and 3D modeling, which now allow both hobbyists and professionals to produce intense dinosaur themed art. Today’s inspiration showcase features 60 fearsome examples of modern Paleoart, including ultra-realistic 3D renders and digitally painted concept art. It’s interesting to compare the difference in art style pre-and-post Jurassic Park (1993), which is now being built upon with a new wave of artwork that depict dinosaurs with the more recent discoveries of feathers and bright markings.

Dinosaurs In The Wild by Damir G. Martin

Dinosaurs In The Wild by Damir G. Martin

Giganotosaurus by Damir G. Martin

Tyrannosaurus Concept by Vlad Konstantinov

T.Rex vs Triceratops by Vlad Konstantinov

The King by Vlad Konstantinov

Tyrannosaurus by Vlad Konstantinov

Gorgosaurus by Vlad Konstantinov

T.Rex: Ultimate Dino Survivor by Vlad Konstantinov

Warrior Rex by Dmitry Dmitry

T.Rex by Antoine Verney-Carron

Dinosaur Battle by Keita Okada

Dinosaur by Keita Okada

Raptors Attack by Julien Gauthier

T-Rex (Jurassic Park) by Yosuke Ishikawa

V-Rex by Yosuke Ishikawa

Robinson The Journey by Abdenour Bachir

Speed Sculpt Dinosaur by Keita Okada

Chased by the Devil by Raph Lomotan

Raptor Tribal Conflict by Raph Lomotan

Velociraptor by Tibor Kéri

Roarr by Alina Ivanchenko

Nature of the Jurassic Period by Nikolay Razuev

Nature of the Jurassic Period by Nikolay Razuev

Jurassic World Pteranodon by Ian Joyner

The Lost Island by Rowena Frenzel

Earth Beast by Joshua Kubit

Allosaurus by Joshua Kubit

Let's Take a Photo by Florent Llamas

Trespasser by Lee Fitzgerald

The Isle-Magnaraptor by RJ Palmer

T.Rex vs Triceratops by RJ Palmer

Dinosaur by Rocky Meng

Velociraptors by Soufiane Idrassi

Raptor by Soufiane Idrassi

Cryolophosaurus by Shaka-zl

T Rex by Chrisscalf

Death Before Dishonor by Herschel-Hoffmeyer

A Sound of Thunder by Herschel-Hoffmeyer

Titans by Herschel-Hoffmeyer

Tyrannosaurus-Rex vs Triceratops by Mohamad Haghani

Triceratops Horridus by Roman Garcia Mora

Coahuila Dinosaurs Diorama by Roman Garcia Mora

Blue Raptor by Trent Taft

Tyrannosaurus Rex by Dominic Piche

Sauroposeidon Beauty Shot by Dominic Piche

Dinosaur by Damir G. Martin

Plated Family by Damir G. Martin

Eoraptor by Florent Masurel

Dinosaurs In The Wild by Damir G. Martin

Velociraptor Pack by Jose Antonio Penas

Watching Rex by Jose Antonio Penas

Cretaceous Sunset by Kerem Beyit

Compsognathus by Hugo Costa

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Battles by Doug Woods

Face Off by Jerry LoFaro

Styracosaurus by Jerry LoFaro

Tyrannosaurus by Sorin Bulucianu

Dilophosaurus by Sorin Bulucianu

Dinner Time by Stanko Stupar

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