Showcase of Character Illustrations Inspired by 1930s Cartoons

The art style of early cartoons from the 1920s-1930s era is known as “Rubber Hose”. It refers to the bendy limbs of cartoon characters from Disney and Fleischer Studios, such as Felix the Cat, Betty Boop and early Mickey Mouse (or Steamboat Willie) and their associated antagonists. Other characteristics that give the cartoons of the silent era their distinctive look include black bodies with white faces, pie-shaped eyes, and four-fingered hands in white gloves. In today’s inspiration showcase I present 30 modern day character illustrations which are inspired by the art style of ’30s cartoons. See how those visual traits are incorporated to give the illustrations a familiar vintage appearance.

No Menace by Alan Oronoz

Barbajan by Alan Oronoz

Oronoz 2018 by Alan Oronoz

Misfortown by Alan Oronoz

Nothing Matters by Keystone Studio

Super Friends! by Rogie

Gangsta Sh*t by Scifuentes

The Long Arm of The Law by DXTR

No Hope / No FVTVRE by Steve Crack

20s Cartoon Punk Poster by Roww Design

Cheapskate Gypsies by Marc Pilgaard

Brightly Colored Eyes by Nemanja Bogdanov

Kids Who Won't Vaccinate by Taxali

NO by Taxali

Vote by Taxali

Wild Forever by Taxali

Summertime Treats by Taxali

Happy Halloween by Shawn Dickinson

GarterBelts and Gasoline by Shawn Dickinson

Bierhaus Cat! by Shawn Dickinson

El Fauno! by Shawn Dickinson

Booze Doodles by Shawn Dickinson

The Spooks by Shawn Dickinson

Haters Gonna Hate by Marko Purac

Acrylic Paintings on Wood by Brian Taylor

Acrylic Paintings on Wood by Brian Taylor

I See Colours by Tony Riff

My, What a Big Bat! by Jublin

Many Strange Legends in the Amazon by Jublin

They're coming to get you, Barbara by Jublin

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