Just like stickers, t-shirts and pin badges, embroidered patches are a trendy fashion accessory designers love to produce with their custom designs. They come in all shapes and sizes, some with multiple colours; others with simple mono designs. Common uses include novelty promotional items, saleable merchandise, or souvenirs for events. What I personally love about these creative examples in this showcase is seeing how the digital design is replicated in thread, which transforms the artwork into a tangible little item with wonderful patterns and textures.

Strike First Patch by Derrick Castle

Tribal Headdress by Derrick Castle

Denver's Best Stuff Patches by Tron Burgundy

Lucid Dreamer Patch by Jeff Finley

Crystal Child Patch by Jeff Finley

Conspiracy Dealer Patch by Jeff Finley

PA Patch Coalition by Caleb Heisey

Patch Co. by Caleb Heisey

FFF9 Patches & Pins by Luigi Maldonado

WDCo Patch by Adam Wiedman

Jean Jacket Accessories by Jacob Boyles

Embroidered Patches for UX Camp by Maria Matveeva

Intern Patch by Nick Slater

Intern Patch by Nick Slater

Ad Astra Patch by Nick Slater

Outside Lands Festival Branding by DKNG

Explorer Club Patch by DKNG

Computer Club Patch by Rogie

Rockettt Badges by Emir Ayouni

Illustrator Patch by Martin David

Natl. Park Patch by Josh Warren

Bottle Logic Mission Patch by Emrich Office

Vector Scouts Patch by Ryan Putnam

Buck Wild Chenille Patch by Amy Hood

Patches by Kendrick Kidd

BOS Patch by Adam Grason

Sackwear Patch by Lauren Griffin

Nike Back to School Patches by Tim Easley

Future Film Festival by Mattie Lynch

Boy Scouts of America by Sophia Del Plato

NASA Mission Patches by James White

Baseball Owl Patch by Jon Brommet

Bad Bad Luck Patches by Gui Zamarioli

Cryptozoology Tracking Society by Maiden Voyage Clothing

Till The Bitter End by Few and Far Collective

Rorke Swallow Patch by Few and Far Collective

Lindauer Snake Patch by Few and Far Collective

The Explorer Outdoor + Adventure Patch by Unexpected Type

Wild West Wanderer Boot Patch by Unexpected Type

Keep Crawlin' Off Road Patch by Unexpected Type

I Believe In Coffee by ImagesPlusUK

Treat Yo'self Junk Food Patch by ImagesPlusUK

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