How To Set Up A Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster With MySQL 5.1

This tutorial is based on Falko Timme’s tutorial for MySQL Cluster 5.0. It shows how to configure a MySQL 5.1 cluster with five nodes: 1 x management, 2 x storage nodes and 2 x balancer nodes. This cluster is load-balanced by an Ultra Monkey package which provides heartbeat (for checking if the other node is still alive) and ldirectord (to split up the requests to the nodes of the MySQL cluster).

In this document I use Debian Etch 4.0 for all nodes. Therefore the setup might differ a bit for other distributions. The two data nodes were x64 to use all of the 8GB RAM. Servers were compiled from source so you should be able to make it running on any platform. The MySQL version I use in this setup is 5.1.24-rc. It’s a release candidate, but I wanted to use 5.1 to take advantage of Memory-Disk Based tables.

Beginning with MySQL 5.1.6, it is possible to store the non-indexed columns of NDB tables on disk, rather than in RAM as with previous versions of MySQL Cluster.[More here]

This howto is just a scratch to make it running, for many of you I am suggesting to read some off docs from MySQL page to be prepared to how manage the whole cluster and always know whats going on.

This document comes without warranty of any kind! Bare in mind you need to make tests and prepare your databases before using it in production mode.

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