The Best WordPress Popup Plugins for 2021

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The best WordPress popup plugins enable you to create appealing popup boxes for your website. Website popups are everywhere, and whether you love or hate popups, they do work; otherwise, site owners wouldn’t use them. 

When picking the best WordPress popup plugin, there’s so much to consider, from trigger options to placement, integrations, and more. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the best popup plugins for WordPress and what you should look for in a WordPress popup plugin. Let’s get started!

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What is a WordPress Popup Plugin?

A WordPress popup plugin allows you to create and implement popups for your website. Popups are a way to “alert” users of special messages or offers.

Common examples of website popups include:

  • Ebook or whitepaper downloads
  • Coupons or sale notices
  • Offers to help with questions or purchases
  • Giveaways and freebies
  • Free trial signups

… all usually in exchange for user’s email address, with an email opt-in.

Website Popups: Annoying, Sure, But Successful!

Most people have a terrible perception of website popups, as they can be annoying and disruptive to their browsing routine. However, popups contribute to a higher conversion rate when implemented correctly.

In fact, the popular popup plugin Sumo Me did some investigation on conversions and found that the top-performing popups can have more than a 9.28% conversion rate if you have 100 unique visitors to your site each day; that’s almost ten new subscribers to your newsletter list! 

That’s why website owners cannot afford to sacrifice the conversion potential of popups. Luckily, there are different ways that you can boost conversion rates and make popups more engaging.

best WordPress popup plugins

What to Look for in a WordPress Popup Plugin 

WordPress popup plugins provide the user with a variety of features. These features may range from native analytics, screen display locations, and full customization options.

Before you can choose your preferred WordPress popup plugin, there are various features that you should look for in the plugins.

1. Trigger Options

What is a trigger option? Simply put, trigger options are when a popup (or an opt-in) shows to your website visitors. Most good popup plugins offer a range of triggers, including:

  • Exit Intent — An exit-intent trigger is a way to capture users’ attention when they go to leave (abandon) your website. If you’re an eCommerce store it could be a last-minute coupon or another form of incentive to stay and/or provide their email address.
  • Scroll Trigger — A scroll trigger works as it sounds like by triggering the popup when a user has scrolled down a certain percentage of the page. This type of trigger is perfect for when you want to make sure the user has seen a certain piece of content before showing them the popup. 
  • 2-Step Opt-in — A 2 step option is where you present a question to the visitor such as “Do you want to know how to increase your eCommerce conversions by 26.5% with our guide?” And then you have “YES! Tell me the secrets” and “No, I’m happy with my underperforming store.” Now, 2-step opt-ins are tricky as the “No” is nearly always prevented in dark pattern UX (user experience) which simply means you are trying to make the user feel bad about themselves/the business to take the action you want. Not the kindest thing to do. 
  • Timed Display — A time display controlled trigger allows you to show the popup after the user has spent X number of seconds on the website. This ensures that they don’t instantly load the page and can’t see any of your text or content as it’d be blocked by your popup. 

There are other trigger options types, but these are the most common, and you’ll find them in most of the best WordPress popup plugins. 

2. Advanced Targeting 

Targeting is crucial to the success of a website popup. Most websites have a very different demographic, and as such you may want to target how that demographic thinks by providing a targeted popup based on how they got to your website. 

The most common advanced targeting options are:

  • Referrer Detection — this type of advanced targeting helps you show a specific popup based on the referring site. For example, you can show a specific popup based on whether the visitor has come from Twitter or Facebook. 
  • Page Targetting — Page level targeting is perfect if you have a variety of different services or products, and you want to show a specific popup or opt-in based on the page that the user is visiting. 
  • Geo-Location Targeting — What’s the point of showing someone an English language popup with a dollar-based price if they live in a different country, don’t talk the language, and their local currency is different? That’s where geo-location targeting comes in. Show the visitor a popup based on the referring country allowing you to craft a message in their own language with the currency to match. 
  • First Time Visitor – Some plugins allow you to target users based on whether or not they are visiting your site for the first time.
  • Ad-block detection — A feature that’s only become prevalent over the past couple of years. Ad-block detection allows you to show a message to visitors using ad-block to try and get them to whitelist your site. Perfect for a free news site that relies on advertisement income to continue offering free journalism. 

3. Integrations, integrations, integrations 

Integrations are vital when choosing the best WordPress popup plugin. Without integrations, a popup plugin will be largely useless. 

Most people use popup plugins to capture email addresses from their website visitors so make sure that your favorite email solution is integrated. Some integrations you might want to look out for include:

  • ConvertKit
  • Mailchimp
  • Salesforce
  • Aweber 
  • And more!

4. Analytics 

What use is a WordPress popup plugin if you can’t see how well your campaigns performed? Make sure whichever popup plugin you decide upon has comprehensive analytics built-in including how many impressions (how many times the popup was viewed) and what the conversions were like (how many times someone took action on the popup). 

That way you can measure and analyze the best performing popups and keep making tweaks until the campaign performs better.

Risks of Using a WordPress Popup Plugin

There are positives and negatives in nearly every decision you’ll ever make and it’s no different when deciding whether to use a popup plugin or not. 

One of the main downfalls you need to be aware of is the fact that Google punishes websites that use popups on mobiles.

However, that mostly refers to popups that block the content and grey out the content underneath the popup itself. You can still use banner ads, but should be careful in exactly how you utilize popups on mobile. 

Best WordPress Popup Plugins 

To help you choose the best WordPress popup plugin, we tested multiple plugins to highlight the features that each plugin provides, from simple to complex.

We’ve included both free and premium plugin options, so you can also decide your level of investment. And as a bonus, there are a few website popup options that are not plugins, but a kind of integration. Each plugin includes information on features, pros, cons, pricing, and our final verdict. Let’s dive in.

1. OptinMonster 


About OptinMonster

Powering popups and opt-ins on more than a million websites worldwide, OptinMonster is one of the most popular optin plugins for WordPress.

Owned and operated by AwesomeMotive the same team behind WPBeginner (the world’s most popular WordPress resource for beginners) along with WPForms, WP SMTP, and more. You can be sure that you’re in good hands. 

Launched in 2013, there are now more than a billion impressions served every month by OptinMonster. 

Unlike some other WordPress popup plugins, OptinMonster operates on a SaaS-based (Software as a service) model. So you’re required to create an OptinMonster account to use the plugin. 

OptinMonster Pros 

Quite simply, OptinMonster is the most comprehensive opt-in plugin for WordPress with more features than you’ll find in any other plugin of a similar nature. 

But it’s not just the feature set that makes OptinMonster stand out. 

They also have one of the best opt-in builders within WordPress with a powerful; yet easy-to-use interface that offers all the flexibility you need without any complexity. 

Coupled with a best-in-class builder with stellar support, you have an opt-in plugin that’s both a joy to use and easy to get to grips with. 

OptinMonster Cons

There aren’t any cons when it comes to how OptinMonster functions. Some people on the repository leave negative reviews as they complain that OptinMonster can’t be used for free. 

However, not, not being able to be used for free isn’t a negative if that’s the plugins’ business model. 

OptinMonster Pricing 

Let’s get this out of the way the OptinMonster pricing is not cheap by any means but however it’s like paying for a premium car, you’re paying for the extra craftsmanship, the after-sales support, the peace of mind that you have something that just works and that’s what you get with OptinMonster. 

OptinMonster is priced on an annual model and that makes sense when you think about it logically. OptinMonster themselves give the reasoning that it takes a few months to see results and that popups aren’t a quick thing to get up and running and see returns on. 

So if you purchased OptinMonster for just a month you might be a bit disappointed in the results, however, after a few months that can turn around, and before you know it your return on investment is better than you expected. 

There are four plans which are:

  • Basic ($168/year) — A single site license.
  • Plus ($360/year) — 2 site license.
  • Growth ($564/year) — 3 site license.
  • Pro ($960/year) — 5 site license. 

Each plan comes with different features with only the most expensive plan coming with Ad-block detection, you can see all the features here.

OptinMonster regularly runs campaigns and it’s not unusual to be able to get at least 30% off any plan. 

Our Opinion on OptinMonster

OptinMonster in our minds is the best WordPress popup plugin. If you can afford to use it on your site then it is certainly worth the outlay. 

However, if you’re on a tighter budget then it may not be the best plugin for you in which case we found some great free alternatives that we explore below. 

2. Popup Maker 

Popup Maker Plugin

About Popup Maker

Popup Maker is the most popular free WordPress popup plugin for WordPress with more than 3,900 5-star reviews and 600,000+ active installations. 

It offers a wide range of functionality and allows you to create a variety of popups plus it integrates with popular WordPress form plugins like Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms whilst also integration with other popular software such as Mailchimp.

Popup Maker Pros

Out of the box Popup Maker offers a lot in the free version that most other plugins only offer in their premium versions and that includes the ability to create different popups such as:

  • Email opt-in popups
  • Content upgrade popups
  • Contact form popups
  • EU Cookie notices

Along with multiple triggers in the free versions although some triggers like scrolling require their premium version. 

Plus providing you are happy to copy and paste the form from your own email provider then they integrate with;

  • Mailchimp
  • AWeber
  • InfusionSoft
  • GetResponse
  • Constant Contact
  • Mail Poet
  • Mad Mimi
  • Hubspot
  • Emma

It’s rare for a free plugin to offer so much functionality and if you’re just getting started with your website then the chances are that the free plugin will be more than enough for your website. 

Popup Maker Cons 

There aren’t any major negatives to Popup Maker, the popup builder itself is within your WordPress admin and is reasonably easy to use although not as slick or intuitive as OptinMonsters builder. 

However, that’s what happens when one is a WordPress solution that makes sure you don’t have to leave your WordPress admin and the other is a SaaS-based tool operating in their own interface which allows them more flexibility and control. 

Popup Maker Pricing 

As we’ve already explored there’s a free version of Popup Maker available on Then there’s also the premium version. 

Popup Maker operates on an extensions model where you can either buy individual extensions or you can purchase their bundle plans to get all the extensions you need in one. 

Pricing for individual extensions starts at $25 and pricing for the bundle plans is as follows:

  • Start ($87/yr) — 1 site.
  • Grow ($147/yr) — 3 sites. 
  • Optimize ($247/yr) — 5 sites. 

Not all the plans included all the extensions so be sure to review what’s included here first before making your decision. 

Our Opinion on Popup Maker

If you want a free popup plugin for WordPress then Popup Maker would be our choice, it’s easy to use, feature-rich, and is proven to work with more than 3,900 five-star reviews. 

However, if you’re going to pay for a popup plugin then our choice would still be OptinMonster although you can’t really go wrong with either option. 

3. Popup Builder

Popup Builder

About Popup Builder

Popup Builder is another free WordPress popup plugin and has more than 200,000+ active installs along with more than 1,500 five-star ratings.

It offers a range of functionality including unlimited popups, popup animations, sounds when a popup opens and so much more.

But is it any good? Let’s find out. 

Popup Builder Pros

One of the main positives of Popup Builder is the fact that it’s compatible with all your favorite WordPress page builders including WPBakery, Divi, and more — plus it’s also compatible with WordPress multisite and WPML. 

And the compatibilities don’t stop there it’s also compatible Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, and more. 

Along with a wide range of popup types and customization options, there’s definitely everything you could want in a WordPress popup plugin.

Popup Builder Cons

Most of the triggers you want like exit intent and choosing not to show popups for logged-in users are only available in the pro version. 

The main negative is that there are too many settings, every-time you configure a popup and want to add it to a page you are met by a mountain of options and while options are a good thing as it lets you configure it exactly as you want the sheer number can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. 

It would have been nice if there were some form of “basic” option which automatically configured and hid most of the settings from you leaving what’s important. 

Popup Builder Pricing 

Just like Popup Maker, Popup Builder also uses an extensions based model where you can either buy individual extensions or buy the bundle package and get all the extensions you need. 

The extensions are incredibly cheap with some starting from just $5 for a single website. 

And then the bundles can offer huge savings with all extensions included from just $39.95. Here’s how the pricing breaks down. 

  • Starter ($39.95) — includes all extensions and a 2 site license. 
  • Business ($89.95) — includes all extensions and a 10 site license. 
  • Agency ($149.95) — includes all extensions and an unlimited site license. 

As you can see Popup Builder is a far cheaper solution than the other plugins we’ve presented here meaning that if you are on a budget it’s a great option to get up and running with popups.

Our Opinion on Popup Builder

Popup Builder is a good plugin perhaps only let down by its complexity. With some easier-to-use settings screen, it could easily compete with plugins like Popup Maker, and with its low prices is a serious contender for those on a budget. 

More WordPress Popup Plugins to Consider

Here are a few more WordPress popup plugins to consider.

Elementor Popups

Elementor Popup Builder

The Elementor Popup Builder plugin helps small businesses design great popups. This popup builder plugin allows the application of similar widgets. It also adds some styling options such as countdown timers, and like buttons to your popups. This plugin tool provides the user with various popup forms, such as fly-ins. Besides, the user can also have a lot of spectacular templates that they can choose from on the menu.

Elementor popup builders allow you to build WordPress pages that target options such as post-formats, tags, and formats with triggers. The various triggers that can choose from include inactivity, click, scroll, exit intent, and scroll. The main limitation of this plugin is that it does not contain A/B testing or inbuilt analytics. The other limitation is that while it is free, you can only access the popup builder ones you upgrade to a pro version. The pro version costs about $50 for a single website.

Sumo List Builder

The Sumo List Builder plugin sets itself apart with its freemium model. Meaning, the plugin starts free, but as your list and conversions grow, then you pay more. In this way it is a good choice for small businesses in growing the email list.

Sumo also enables you to increase your site analytics, social media presence, and link building. It has a unique feature called a List Builder that allows the user to build popups. It also allows the user to direct the popup according to the traffic sources and triggers like scroll depth, clicks, and exit intent.

Although this WordPress plugin has a free version, you can only use one template. You will also require to upgrade the version in order to hide the branding on the popup. A premium plan for this plugin usually starts at $29 a month. This plugin is more expensive as compared to other WordPress popup plugins.

PopUp Domination WordPress Plugin

Pop-up Domination Plugin

The PopUp Domination plugin is among the first popup tools in the market and is platform agnostic. It is not available in the WordPress plugin directory. However, this fact has not stopped the tool from being competitive in the market. The developers of this plugin tool have consistently made strategic product updates.

PopUp Domination creates a visual interface that helps in the customization of over ten in-built templates. The plugin also allows you to display the popup to many users. This feature is based on the mouse hover clicks, user inactivity, total time spent on the website, and exit intent.

The plugin also contains some targeting options that include traffic source, geolocation, and device. This popup builder has a fair pricing structure. It has tier grants that allow you to access features such as analytics, unlimited popups and domain, and many more features. The A/B testing will enable you to conduct a comparison of all popups to understand which is getting more subscriptions. The analytics feature lets you analyze different popups. This feature provides you with a good picture of how the popup is reaching the readers.

The new version of this popup plugin has the ability to develop multiple popups in a single blog. When using this plugin, you only pay according to the total number of views that your popup has across your website. This WordPress plugin is the right solution for small businesses that use popups on the website that have relatively low traffic. However, this plugin may not be favorable for a few sites that have high traffic.

HubSpot Plugin

HubSpot WordPress popup plugin is a great plugin if you already use HubSpot on your website. This plugin allows the user to integrate the WordPress website and the HubSpot account. Any amendments that you make to the popups via the HubSpot portal are reflected on the WordPress website. All features in this tool are free.

The HubSpot popup plugin tool is easy to use. After launching the tool, you will be required to choose your preferred popup. After this, you are then redirected to a customizer so that you can insert images, edit, and fill the relevant field forms. The contacts you make are directly captured and saved in your HubSpot contact management account (CRM). Your targeted users can be captured by typing the page URLs where you prefer the popup to display on. The plugin also allows you to choose the triggered page percentage and the exit intent. If the user chooses to dismiss the popup, the plugin will enable them to decide when the popup will show up again on the website.

MailOptin Plugin

The MailOptin plugin is one of the fastest-growing WordPress popup plugins. It enables you to convert your visitors into active subscribers. This is done using a variety of opt-in forms that include notification bars, scroll boxes, embedded forms, and sidebar forms. This popup plugin is easy and intuitive to you. This is because it has a WordPress Customizer. It also has a wide variety of templates that you can choose.

MailOptin plugin comes with a template that is easy to use and also allows the builder to come up with spectacular opt-in forms. It also has an optimized email newsletter that increases the rate of conversion. This plugin can be integrated with both Ninja and Elementor forms. This integration helps the user to save and capture leads from your marketing CRMs.

The lite version of MailOptin is free. This version contains features such as spam protection, calls to action, after conversion actions, page targeting, and sidebar opt-in forms. MailOptin uses the Honeypot method to prevent spam form submission. The page-level targeting enables you to display email signup forms in pages and posts.

The premium version of MailOptin has powerful features. It has an automated newsletter, A/B testing, and triggers that boost conversion. This version integrates WordPress with your emails and allows marketing providers to send event-triggered emails. This is an essential marketing service for small businesses. The A/B marketing feature helps the user to know which opt-in policy is effective. This feature allows you to improve revenue and conversion.

Popup Addon for Ninja Forms

The Popup Addon for Ninja Forms is one of the top-selling WordPress popup plugins as an add-on to one of the most trusted businesses in WordPress, Ninja Forms (one of the best WordPress forms plugins).

This plugin comes with more than 70 templates to select from on the menu. This plugin enables the user to create a variety of popups and beautiful video displays. It also has an anti-adblocker feature that lets you display your popups to the visitors who have adblockers.

Ninja popup provides trigger options that include user inactivity and exit intent. The only limitation of using this plugin is that it does not have a free version. However, you can enjoy some creative features at only $27. This plugin can be a good solution for anyone who is running promotions and wants to use different designs for the popups.

Bloom eMail Opt-Ins

Bloom eMail Opt-Ins was developed by Elegant Themes. The plugin has over 200 templates you can customize. It also lets you build different forms such as inline boxes, opt-in lockers, and widgets, which can be used to create gated content. Bloom plugin has exceptional trigger options. This particular feature allows you to display a popup after the user has commented on specific pages.

Bloom Email Opt-in Plugin

Blooms plugin has a beautiful dashboard, and its templates are of high quality. The only limitation of this plugin is that it does not have advanced features such as the intent trigger opt-in that is available in other plugins. It also lacks a popup visual customizer. The user can only use this plugin after purchasing it from Elegant Themes at the cost of $89 per year. This subscription gives the user access to over 100 premium themes. Investing in this plugin would not be a worthy investment if you are only looking for a popup plugin.

Wrapping Up: The Best Popup Plugins for WordPress

WordPress popup plugins are vital to getting conversions and gaining email subscribers. While there isn’t a one size fits all solution, the plugins mentioned in this article are a great starting point. 

One thing that is abundantly clear is that there is a popup plugin option for every need and every business. WordPress is the content management system that so many choose because of its flexibility. Not only that, there are options to customize websites and plugins that fit every budget.

There is no way to choose the very best one without knowing your exact site needs, but hopefully this list will help narrow down all the choices so that you can find the plugin that fits your needs.

Do you currently use a popup plugin on your WordPress website? Or maybe you really dislike using popups in your business? Whatever your opinion let us know in the comments below.

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