Monday Motivation: Free Your Mind of Can’t

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“Clear your mind of can’t” – Samuel Johnson

It’s been said that if you free your mind, then the rest will follow. 

Free your mind of can’t.

Free your mind of won’t.

Free your mind of not enough.

Free your mind of all those negative thoughts and declarations that others have made – or that you piled on yourself.

It is true. When you free your mind, then the rest will follow.

How to Free Your Mind of Can’t

Flip the Script. 

The easiest way to free your mind of can’t is by changing it to can. When a negative statement comes into your mind (or out of your mouth), turn it around to a positive.

“I can’t do that because” becomes “I can do this when.”

“I won’t do this because” becomes “I am able to this because.”

Act immediately. As soon as a negative flies out, counter it with the positive. The more you practice flipping the script the less you will find you need to do it.

Master the Mind

Join up with a mastermind group that will fuel your possibility living. If you can’t find one to join, make your own. A mastermind group is simply a group of people who meet together on a regular basis to provide support, encouragement, and accountability. Choose your mastermind group with care. The five people you hang around the most will have the heaviest impact on your thoughts (and your thoughts they will determine your actions).

Be the Change

You free your mind of can’t by doing something you can. You create positive momentum when you accomplish a task. You begin to see you can, because you did. The positive momentum can be funneled into new actions and focuses. What you can do makes room for what you will do.

Can Trumps Can’t

The young boy wanted to swim. His mother told him he couldn’t be a swimmer. He was too small and didn’t have the coordination to be a swimmer. 

She signed him up for the summer team just to let him have the experience and see for himself. “He can’t be a swimmer,” she assured the coach.

The boy heard what his mother siad, but he had also heard the saying, “If you think you can’t, you won’t.” Joining the team was his attempt to not think “I can’t.”

The new coach told him from the first day that she believed he could. He was taken aback by her declaration. He had heard his mother explain his limitations to the coach. “You can, if you will,” She smiled.

Every day, she praised his progress. Even when he didn’t reach the goal he had set, she still found things to praise. Every time he took and extra stroke, did one more lap, or took a second off his time, she was there to praise him.When you believe in your goal, dare to take the steps to reach your goal, and you keep going until you get to your goal, then you can.

The more she pointed out what he had done, showed him what he was doing, and encouraged him towards what he would do, the more he stopped thinking about overcoming “I can’.t” Instead, he began to believe in his “I can.”

He never became a champion swimmer. He went on to study engineering. But that summer in the pool hearing all of the praise for his “I can” moments allowed him to take the steps he needed to live out his possibilities.

You can. When you believe in your goal, dare to take the steps to reach your goal, and you keep going until you get to your goal, then you can.

The Weight of Can’t

The young girl had a talent for words. She loved to craft stories and entertain friends with her tales. She wrote every day and found ways to share what she wrote.

One day, her grandmother overheard her talking about how all she wanted to do was write. “I love words.”

Her grandmother pulled her aside. “You can’t be a writer. You can’t make a living writing.”

She respected her grandmother and listened to the wisdom she offered. If her grandmother was certain she couldn’t, then there was no use worrying about trying to make it happen.

She put her pen away and pursued a career in finances. She was good at math, after all.

Can’t Limits

  1. Can’t never could because can’t steals hope. Without hope, it all seems pointless and impossible. 
  2. Can’t makes the strong weak. When you stop believing in your ability to get it done then you will stop getting it done.
  3. Can’t blocks the path. When you focus on what you can’t do you miss out on what you can do. It keeps you from finding your way.

The simple truth to all success is that someone focused on CAN. You win when you choose to see your finish line, move to the finish line, and cross the finish line. You don’t have to be the winner to win, but you do have to cross your finish line. You don’t have to be the winner to win, but you do have to cross your finish line. 

When you free your mind of the can’t then you can do more than you imagined possible.

How will you break free of the limits of can’t?

How will you flip the script on Can’t? 

Challenge: When a negative comment or thought comes up, take a moment to write it out in a positive. Practice this flip scripting for a week and then evaluate where it’s taking you.

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