How to Use Course Creation for Recurring Income

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Do you work hard to create the words you share? Would you like those words to work for you? Course creation can help you put your words to work.

Course creation to make money

Maybe you’ve heard the tale – Of Course and Classes – it’s about a wordsmith that finds creative ways to turn the content she’s written into working elements . . . like courses and classes. 

It may not be a classic, but it is a tale based on fact. You can make money with the words on your website when you find your way to repurpose the words into courses and classes.

Course Creation 101

I started blogging back in 2005 before blogging was cool. Several readers noted how it would be nice if my content came in a form that was easier to read and share. With that encouragement, I formulated my first eBook.

A lady read the eBook and asked if I would come to lead a session for her women’s group. I adjusted the ideas in the eBook and created my first workshop.

Once I learned how to make the workshop available online, I set up my first course.

When you find ways to put your words to work for you, you create income streams that run even when you are taking a timeout. 

It doesn’t have to be complicated. When you are intentional with your words and creative with the ways you repurpose them, then you can develop a pathway to course creation that will provide you income without adding to your stress.

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Course Creation From Current Content

A course simply provides a way for your target to learn your process for healing their hurts, fix their problems, or ignite their motivation. In other words, you provide an avenue for the reader to implement your relentlessly helpful content. 

1. Review the target market pressure points. 

You’ve defined the problem and how you can help in your plan.

Include all blog posts, presentations, webinars, or guest articles you have created.

3. Break down the content into bite-sized pieces.

Use the points you covered in your content as a guide.

4. Create a workable moment for each of the points you want to cover.

Call it homework, a challenge, or an exercise. Make sure the label you give your call to action fits with the course focus.

5. Map out a course.

Determine how students will access content and also how often it will be available. 

6. Package your course materials.

You can use Restrict Content Pro or Learn Dash to set up your courses, limit access, and create payment avenues.

7. Spruce it up.

Use your points to write out scripts for videos. The more ways you can provide the information to your audience the better.

You probably have the words waiting to be worked, so get started now. 

If you don’t have a reservoir of content already, plan ahead with the content you are creating. 

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How to Create Content to Lead to a Course

You start creating your course by accumulating words – not random words, of course. If you create your content with intention then you will be building your course material along the way.

  • Review the target market pressure points. (This should ALWAYS be your starting point).
  • Brainstorm concepts for ways to relieve the pressure points.
  • Review your keywords and keyword phrases. 
  • Utilize these lists to map out the areas where you need to focus your content.
  • Outline the posts that will expand on your focus points.
  • Mark your outlines with a category based on your brainstormed concepts. 
  • Group together all content in each category and refer to the steps above.

Every word you create comes with a reduction in resources. You paid in time, or money, or blood, sweat, and tears. It’s important to master the art of repurposing the words you created so that they work for you just as hard as you worked to make them happen.

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Course creation to make money

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