How to Live Your Exceptional Life

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Are you exceptional? 

Motivation Moment: “Every individual is an exception to the rule.” – Carl G. Jung

You are exceptional

Before you answer, think about this. Exceptional happens when you step into your unique design. You break down the barriers of the box they built and you follow your path. It’s not about being better than everyone else, but about being the very best you.

So, are you exceptional?

If you answered no, then chances are you struggle to live out a joy filled life. Work is . . . well, work. Mondays start with a tinge of dread because you have to go make it through one more week.

Would you rather live a life you enjoy, that you want to pursue not only on Monday but every day of the week?

You need to find your way to exceptional.

Developing the Habits for an Exceptional Life

If you don’t do it, it won’t get done. You have to choose to walk out your path and live your joy-filled life. Nobody will hand it to you. Nobody will do it for you.

“If only I could win the lottery, then everything would be exceptional.” It seems that other people get a leg up when they are given a big win. Some statistics suggest that up to 70% of all lottery winners go broke, many filing for bankruptcy. Some manage to find themselves in the hole less than a year after their wins.

“I’d be the exception,” you might say. If you could be the exception after winning the lottery then what is holding you back now?

1. You have to get out of your way if you are going to live your exceptional life.

The only thing that stands in your way right now stares back at you from the mirror every day. You tell you that you can’t or won’t – either because you ran into problems in the past where you tripped and fell or because someone told you that you can’t or won’t so often you’ve started to believe their words.

No matter why you stand in your way. You are there. Until you push you aside, you will struggle to find the footing you need to launch into your exceptional life.

A scientist once established that bumblebees were not able to fly, but they still managed to fly. Optimists will tell you they could fly because nobody told them that they can’t.

In recent years, scientists have discovered that bumblebees can fly despite their large mass because they don’t flap their wings up and down like other insects. Instead, they flap their wings back and forth. Your better will launch you into your exceptional every time.

Bumble bees found their way to make it happen. They became exceptional by flapping in a different direction.

When you choose to look at ways you can then you begin to flap your wings side to side. Before you know it, you will fly into your exceptional.

Live Your Exceptional Life

2. You Have to Dare to Be Bad to Be Better

If you don’t try, you will always fail. Not trying is the only way failure ever wins. 

The trick is that when you try something new, you will sometimes be bad at it. The more you invest in your trying, the more you fuel your opportunity to get better. The better you get, the closer you move into your exceptional life.

I have a confession. I joined the dive team when I was a teenager to catch my husband’s attention. I had seen him practicing and had tried everything else I knew to get him to ask me out. Spending more time with him at practice would give me more time to get him to pay attention to me.

Getting better at my diving became a challenge. It became more important to look good than to try new things. The main goal of joining the dive team was to garner the affection of my (not yet) husband. Slapping my face into the water as I tried to learn new tricks did not seem like the greatest approach. 

He did eventually ask me out, which paved the way for me to dare to be bad. My need to be my best moved to the front of the line when I found a way to push my vanity out of the path. If you don’t try, you will always fail. Not trying is the only way failure ever wins. 

You won’t always master a new task the first time you try. Even if you do it better than someone else, you will not be your best. You have to be willing to be bad so that you can find your way to be your better.

Your better will launch you into your exceptional every time.

3. You Have to Focus on Purpose and NOT Personalities

The path to your exceptional will go through, around, or over the demands of others. They will tell you what to do, why to do it, and (too often to count) how to do it. People put a lot of demands on your journey, so much so that you often lose sight of the journey trying to make the people happy.

A highschool geometry teacher gave an assignment to draw shapes. He wanted the students to do it without the assistance of a ruler. 

No matter how they tried, the lines were never straight. 

Finally, the geometry teacher had them gather around his desk. He put a dot on his paper and then a second dot on the opposite side. He drew a straight line from one dot to the other. 

“How did you do that?” The students asked, amazed at his trick.

“You have to focus on the dot where you are going. If you look back, or you look at the pencil, your line will be crooked. As long as you keep your eye on the spot where you want to go, your line will be straight.”

That’s the key to living your exceptional life. You have to keep your eye on where you are going, not on what others demand for or about your journey. 

The life you desire is only a step away. Step out of your limits and limitations. Step away from the fear of falling on your face. Step beyond the demands they put on you. You are uniquely designed on purpose and for a purpose and when you make the choice to step into your design then you will live a life that reflects the exception.

How will you live your exceptional life?

Challenge: Write a paragraph about what your exceptional life looks like. Now take some time to find your ways to become the exception to the rule!

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Live Your Exceptional Life

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