The best WordPress calendar plugins make it super easy to add a calendar to your website for visitors to view events, availability, class schedules and more. WordPress calendar plugins also make it easy for visitors to schedule appointments, buy tickets, RSVP, register, request 1-on-1 meetings and much more.

In this guide, we’ll cover the best WordPress calendar plugins to help you decide which plugin will suit your needs, depending on if you need a basic calendar or more advanced features. With so many great WordPress calendar plugins out there, you have several options. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

In this guide

What is a WordPress Calendar Plugin?

A WordPress calendar plugin allows you to add a customizable calendar to your website that you can display on pages or posts.

WordPress calendar plugins allow you to display events, availability, class schedules and much more within a calendar view so your visitors can quickly see them.

In addition to adding a calendar to your website, the best WordPress calendar plugins add additional e-commerce, booking, and registration functionality, including the ability to:

  • Book appointments
  • Buy tickets
  • RSVP
  • Register for an event
  • Schedule meetings
  • … and more!
best wordpress calendar plugins

Why Use a WordPress Calendar Plugin?

Scheduling is a big deal for all kinds of websites and businesses. From gyms to schools to salons to non-profits, events and appointments drive entire industries and communities.

WordPress websites use calendars for a whole host of reasons:

  • Nonprofits use need tools to promote fundraisers, schedule board meetings
  • Brick and mortar businesses like barbers, beauty salons, and others use it for scheduling appointments and make sure they aren’t double-booked
  • Gyms offer exercise classes and personal training sessions
  • Churches, clubs, and neighborhoods organize events and activities
  • Schools and universities keep parents and students up to date with events, activities and deadlines
  • Consultants book calls with clients and potential leads
  • Teachers and mentors book meetings and sessions with students
  • Businesses, organizations, and associations host online and virtual events (especially this year!)

And that’s just a few use cases! But if you need a calendar where do you start?

What to Look For in a WordPress Calendar Plugin

Before you start looking for the best WordPress calendar plugin, think about the purpose of the calendar on your website.

Do you need a calendar …

  • To display a view of events and activities?
  • To display availability for appointments?

The difference between events and appointments in WordPress calendar plugins is a major variant. While a plugin may be great for events, it might not (and most likely won’t) work for appointments at all. And that’s fine because they are such different things. 

In addition, consider if you need e-commerce/purchasing abilities from your calendar for options such as:

  • Booking
  • Ticketing
  • RSVPs
  • Registration

Purchasing and registration opens a whole other level of complexity, so you’ll need to consider if you need this functionality beforehand. These things will help you narrow down your search for the right plugin.

Best Calendar Plugins for WordPress

To help you get started, we’ve compiled our list of the best WordPress calendar plugins. These plugins include information on features, pros, cons, pricing and our final verdict. Let’s dive in.

The Events Calendar 

The Events Calendar

About The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a WordPress events plugin created by the experts at Modern Tribe. If you’ve heard of Modern Tribe before that could be because they are one of the most famous WordPress agencies. 

The Events Calendar was one of the first events calendars plugins created for WordPress and boosts more than 800,000+ active installs and has more than 1,389 5-star reviews. 

Pros of The Events Calendar

One of the best pros of The Events Calendar is that it just works. It’s very Apple-esque in the fact you just install it, activate it and it works. There’s no complicated setup, no compatibility issues it really is very easy to use. 

Apart from its ease-of-use and modern user interface, the plugin brings a wealth of functionality and features to the free version available in the free version, along with free add-ons like Event Tickets to allow you to sell tickets to any of your events on your calendar. 

Cons of The Events Calendar

There aren’t many (if any) cons to the actual Events Calendar software. Rather, the main downside is that the plugin uses a pricing model that can be complicated for some users. Aside from the small issues with the pricing structure, there aren’t any negatives to this great piece of calendar software. 

The Events Calendar Pricing 

The Events Calendar operates as a freemium model with add-ons, which is where some confusion may come in. 

Most plugins that operate under an add-on model work that when you buy the premium version you get access to the premium add-ons. However, that isn’t the case with The Events Calendar. 

Instead, even if you purchase the premium version of The Events Calendar you still need to go and buy the premium add-ons separately which can quickly rack up costs. 

The core plugin is either free or you can buy the Pro version. The Pro version has the following pricing tiers based on the number of websites. 

  • 1 Site ($89)
  • 3 Sites ($149)
  • 10 Sites ($299)
  • Multisite ($349) — it’s not made clear what “Multisite” is. We assume it means if you want to use the plugin on a WordPress multisite installation. 
  • Unlimited Sites ($750)

Then there are the following add-ons:

  • Event Tickets — sell tickets and allow RSVPs to your events.
  • Event Aggregator — Import events from platforms like ical, Eventbrite, Meetup, Google calendar, and more. 
  • Community Events — Allow the community to submit events on your WordPress website. 
  • Promoter — Allows you to email your community with new events.

There are even more add-ons than that! Check them all out here.

All the add-ons have different pricing and variances like the importer add-on is priced based on the number of events imported per day. 

There is a range of bundles to get multiple add-ons at a discount and, finally, there is the Ultimate Bundle which includes everything which for a single site would give you a 30% discount over buying them individually but even so will set you back a massive $600.

Our Opinion on The Events Calendar 

The Events Calendar is without a doubt one of the most sophisticated event plugins and WordPress calendar plugins available. For most people, the free version with the free add-ons will do everything you need. 

The paid version gets very expensive quickly and is more difficult to recommend if you’re using it across multiple websites as you could easily be looking at spending thousands a year. If you run a paid events system then, by all means, but free and local meetups would be better suited to the free version. 



About Bookly 

Bookly is a WordPress calendar cross booking plugin that doubles up as a full appointments system. With more than 40,000+ active installs and 100 5-star ratings. While the free version is chocked full of features it is missing some vital components such as basic payment functionality and unlimited services. 

Bookly Pros

Bookly is the most comprehensive booking plugin available for WordPress with a huge feature set which is only enhanced by the wide range of add-ons available. 

Coupled with a clean and modern interface on the front-end, Bookly gives your WordPress website a professional-looking calendar to allow customers to book appointments and services through. 

Perfect for barbers, hair salons, beauty salons, cleaning companies, and pretty much any company that needs to take online bookings. 

Bookly Cons

The elephant in the room is the support and reliability of the software. Personally, we’ve encountered no issues with using Bookly, but plenty of users have. In fact, out of 165 reviews left, 53 of them are 3 stars or below and more than 30 are 1-star reviews. 

While you always have to take reviews with a pinch of salt, with that number of reviews, and people feeling so strongly about it, there could be something more underneath the surface. 

Apart from that, like many plugins these days, Bookly operates under the add-on model and we’ll explore some of the negatives surrounding the pricing below. 

Bookly Pricing 

Bookly is sold exclusively through CodeCanyon (part of the Envato network) which is rather unusual for a freemium plugin as CodeCanyon are known for their high fees for plugin authors and theme authors alike.

The main negative surrounding the pricing are that you can only buy a single site license at a time there’s no way to buy a license for multiple sites and that goes the same for all the add-ons. 

So Bookly Pro is $89 for a single site license and then the add-on varies in price starting from $29 and climbing to $49 again on a per-site basis. 

Bookly has gone quite add-on crazy and in our opinion, there are too many and some that should just be a part of Bookly Pro, and this is shown in the low sales (some add-ons selling as low as 10 units at the time of writing) and makes you question if all add-ons will be continuously developed if they aren’t bringing in any revenue. 

Our Opinion on Bookly 

Bookly is a comprehensive calendar and booking plugin for WordPress. It just has some interesting issues with low reviews and the pricing structure isn’t the best if you run multiple websites. 

However, if you’re looking for a free WordPress calendar plugin that you can accept bookings from or just run a single website, then it could be a decent solution.

Simple Calendar 

Simple Calendar

About Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is, well … a Simple WordPress calendar plugin. It integrates your Google Calendar with your WordPress website and does exactly what it says. 

Simple Calndar has more than 70,000+ active installs, and 196 5-star reviews (although there are more than 70 1 star reviews). 

Most of the reviews seem to be related to support and when the plugin wasn’t compatible with PHP 7. It seems the latest reviews are more favorable and the bad days are in the past, but it’s still something you’ll want to be aware of. 

Simple Calendar Pros

The main pro of Simple Calendar is that it really is simple you don’t have a complex interface to work out or need to start creating your events in a different way. 

Simply create your events in Google Calendar like you always do and then the plugin will import those for display on your WordPress website. 

Along with the easy integration with Google Calendar, there’s also full responsiveness out of the box so Simple Calendar works great across both desktop and mobile. 

Simple Calendar Cons 

Apart from the negative reviews which we’ve already covered, there aren’t any particular cons with Simple Calendar as it does it exactly what it should do, nothing more and nothing less. 

Simple Calendar Pricing 

Simple Calendar like most WordPress plugins operates on the freemium model so the core plugin is free and then there’s the paid version that compromises two paid add-ons or the add-ons bundle. 

The paid add-ons are:

  • Full Calendar — this adds daily and weekly views to the calendar rather than only having a monthly view like the free version. 
  • Google Calendar Pro — Displays private and public Google Calendars. Highlight events with colors. Display attendee names, avatars, and RSVP status.

The add-ons separately are available for $29 each for a single site license. 

They are also available in the following site quantities:

  • 5 Sites ($49)
  • 25 Sites ($99)
  • 50 Sites ($179)
  • 100 Sites ($299)

If you buy the add-on bundle it’s available as three plans:

  • Personal ($49) — single site license along with support and updates for a year. 
  • Business ($79) — A 5 site license along with support and updates for a year. 
  • Agency ($149) — A 25 site license along with support and updates for a year.

If you need more websites, bulk pricing is available for the add-on bundle:

  • Ultimate 50 ($279) — A 50 site license along with support and updates for a year. 
  • Ultimate 100 ($479) — A 100 site license along with support and updates for a year.

While there’s a lot of different pricing options, it’s still reasonably straightforward to decide what license you need to buy for your websites. 

License renewals receive a 30% discount which is quite substantial and makes an already reasonably priced plugin even cheaper. 

Our Opinion on Simple Calendar

Apart from negative user reviews which seem to be a thing of the past based on the fact that most are from at least a year ago and some are over 2 years old, Simple Calendar does everything you’d need from a Google Calendar plugin. And with the pro-add-ons that are reasonably priced and add more functionality such as daily and weekly calendar views, RSVP status, highlighted colors and more you can’t go far wrong. 

While it isn’t an all-singing all-dancing plugin, it doesn’t intend to be; If you don’t need the fancy features offered by other WordPress calendar plugins, then we’d definitely recommend taking a look at the Simple Calendar plugin.

More WordPress Calendar Plugins

Here are a few more WordPress calendar plugins worth considering in your search.

All-In-One Event Calendar

The All-In-One Event Calendar is an excellent way to list your events. The events calendar plugin is easy to manage. It has a clean and professional visual design. The included features help you to create an advanced calendar for your website.

If you download the add-on with this plugin, you can have access to front end submission forms and extended views. Ticketing, venues, and Twitter integration is also added with the plugin. This events calendar allows you to import events from other sites. You are able to offer your users the option to subscribe to your calendar.


  • Day view, week view, month view of events
  • Recurring events
  • Filtering by event category or tag
  • Color coded events
  • Embedded Google Maps
  • 3 Theme options


  • The plugin is translated into many languages
  • Easy to use
  • Professional Look
  • Great features


  • For more features, you have to download the add-on
  • More support needed

My Calendar

If you are looking for customizable ways to display events, this plugin is for you. The plugin supports event calendars. It is easy to use for beginners and it provides flexibility for experts.

A Pro option is available with more features and premium management. There is a WordPress shortcodes generator on this plugin to create custom views.

With the plugin you will have rich permissions handling. This helps to restrict access to parts of the plugin. You will receive email notifications when events are reserved or scheduled on your site.


  • Calendar grid and list views of events
  • Monthly, weekly, or daily views
  • Custom templates
  • Schedule Recurring Events
  • Multi-site friendly
  • Integrated help page


  • Easy to use
  • Help page and support offered
  • Event updates to Twitter


  • For the best features, you need a Pro subscription

Modern Events Calendar Lite

The Modern Events Calendar is a free plugin. It is responsive and mobile-friendly. The plugin is designed to easily display an events calendar on your website.

Trending design methods were obviously used to create this plugin. It has a great design and can fit into many different websites. There is an advanced booking system available on the Pro version of the plugin.

You are able to create different recurring or single events on the frontend of your site. The plugin has many modern skins and designs. The plugin allows you to insert images for calendar locations and organizers to further customize for your site viewers.


  • Schema ready
  • Event status is shown in the submission form
  • The shortcode is compatible with Elementor, Divi Builder, Visual Composer and King
  • Composer
  • Search bar shortcode
  • Pre-built skins
  • Event location system
  • Events widgets and sidebar
  • Google Calendar integration


  • Great features on the free version
  • Shortcode for page builders
  • Easy to use
  • You can display multiple locations for events
  • Social media share icons


  • Limited support available
  • Although the plugin has a great free option, there is a wide range of features available through add-ons

Sugar Calendar

The Sugar Calendar plugin makes it easy to get a calendar on your site. You can manage events with this plugin. This is a lightweight plugin. It provides features for excellent event management.

Sugar Calendar features an admin interface that will give your clients a professional look. You can assign events to specific categories. All events can be assigned a starting and end time.

The plugin is Ajax enabled. And one thing that is great is it comes with a custom taxonomy. You will experience simple event configuration with this plugin. Another helpful feature is that it has an events archive option.

Widgets on the plugin allow you to display calendars and event filters. There is shortcode for showing the calendar of events. The plugin allows you to present calendars in both large and small views depending on your own site aesthetic. 

There is a premium version of this plugin. With the premium license you will have access to priority support and recurring events. You can use Pro add-ons with the Professional or Ultimate license version.


  • Event categories
  • Simple event management
  • Start and end times
  • Customize date and time format
  • Translation ready


  • Shortcode available
  • You can easily set event dates and times
  • Free add-ons (Google Maps, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms)
  • Google Maps and Ninja Forms are free add-ons


  • Basic features are available on the free version. To have access to high quality features you will need a Pro license.
  • Limited support for the free version

Event Calendar WD – Responsive Event Calendar Plugin

A powerful plugin to organize events into calendars. This plugin is user friendly. It is flexible and easy to create both one-time events or multiple and recurring events.

Sending event invitations and selling tickets is extremely easy with this plugin. You have the ability to provide a detailed description for all events that can be edited at any time.

In addition to adding descriptions, you can also assign categories to events for users to navigate easily. In this plugin, every calendar is created as a taxonomy or custom post.

If you are looking for a simple way to promote your events this plugin can help. There is social sharing buttons and support for this plugin. The admin panel is straightforward and simple to use. There are new themes to help customize your calendar.


  • The ability to organize single, multiple, or recurring events
  • Easy to find events with custom categories
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Detailed descriptions for events
  • Distinct appearances and themes
  • Full flexibility and control over the plugin
  • Support is available


  • Unlimited events and calendars
  • Responsive layout
  • Event categories and tags to easily navigate your events
  • Multiple event display views
  • Social sharing and calendar widgets


  • Some customers reported that updates are unable on the Pro version
  • To get the best benefit, you will need to upgrade
  • It may be difficult to navigate for a beginner

Amelia Events & Appointments Booking Calendar

Amelia is an appointment booking WordPress plugin. The plugin allows you to set up automated booking systems. If you are interested in business blogging and making your business more accessible to customers, this plugin can help.

This plugin provides a stable appointment booking process. The plugin is built with enterprise-level technology. It ensures a smooth user experience. There is no need for page reloading with this plugin.

With this plugin, there is a convenient calendar view on the back-end. This gives a full overview of appointments and their status. When a user sets an appointment on the calendar, there is an email notification that is sent to the customer.


  • Flexible appointment management
  • Ability to configure general settings
  • Customize business details and schedules
  • Email notifications and confirmations


  • Easy to use and install
  • Customizable features to fit the needs of your users
  • Enterprise-level technology and a professional look


  • Limited features with the lite version
  • No built in social media sharing options

WP Simple Booking Calendar

The WP Simple Booking Calendar shows the availability of services. The installation process of this plugin only takes a few minutes. It is user-friendly. The plugin has the latest updates

This plugin allows your website visitors to check availability and it gives you editing freedom. With the free version, you have access to all the basic features you will need to keep track of your bookings. The Pro version includes custom legend items and advanced editing features.


  • Create one calendar
  • Display a legend near the calendar
  • Responsive calendar layout
  • Backup/restore calendar data
  • Add and save booking information for each day


  • The calendar can be used to show shifts or availability
  • The calendar layout is responsive
  • Ability to display multiple months of availability
  • There is a bulk editor to change multiple dates


  • Does not work in a custom post type
  • Frequent errors when installing

Booking Calendar

The Booking Calendar plugin is great for businesses that need an excellent booking system for their website. The interface of the plugin is clean and professional.

With the Booking Calendar WordPress plugin, users can check the availability of services and complete a booking. There is an option for specific time slots. Your customers can select days in the customizable calendar. The booking form field can be configured in multiple ways.

Notifications are sent to both the administrator and the customer about the booking appointment. There is an approve or decline option on the reservation.

The Booking Calendar plugin was designed to work straight out of the box. There are features that prevent you from double-booking time slots. This is a great way to manage your availability and time for appointments.


  • Flexible functionality
  • Responsive front end and back end design
  • Easy to install and integrate with your website
  • Customizable time slots and day options


  • Easy to understand
  • The administration panel is sleek and allows you to see all bookings
  • Able to fit the needs of a wide-range of businesses
  • No need for third party accounts, all bookings are saved in the database


  • Some users complained about a difficult interface
  • Support is limited even for paid customers

Spiffy Calendar

With Spiffy Calendar you can manage and display events. The events can be displayed with multiple views and categories. The color-coded option is a feature to help your customers navigate your calendars. And is a great way to keep your calendar organized. 

You can use shortcodes, widgets, and recurring events with Spiffy Calendar. The calendar is mobile responsive and can be customized for your business.

With the Booking Calendar WordPress plugin, users can check the availability of services and complete a booking. There is an option for specific time slots. Your customers can select days in the customizable calendar. The booking form field can be configured in multiple ways.

Notifications are sent to both the administrator and the customer about the booking appointment. There is an approve or decline option on the reservation.

The Booking Calendar plugin was designed to work straight out of the box. There are features that prevent you from double-booking time slots. This is a great way to manage your availability and time for appointments.


  • Standard monthly calendar grid
  • Responsive 3-column event listing
  • Compact displays – mini calendar view
  • Upcoming events list


  • Featured events widgets
  • Color-coded categories
  • Mouse-over details for events
  • Filters for formatting


  • There is not an am/pm feature
  • The best features are on the paid premium version

Wrapping Up: The Best WordPress Calendar Plugins

There are a lot of WordPress calendar plugins on the market and which one you should pick will entirely depend on the use case from events to appointments to just sharing your Google calendar with friends for the next zoom after party. 

If you need an events plugin and want to show a calendar then there’s no doubt despite its price that The Events Calendar is the best WordPress calendar plugin on the market. 

Do you use a WordPress calendar plugin on your website? What’s your favorite WordPress calendar plugin? Let us know in the comments below. 

best wordpress calendar plugins

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