Retiring Horizon Client for UWP

Jul 28, 2020

Kristina De Nike

Author: Kristina De Nike

Kristina De Nike is a product line manager for VMware EUC. In addition to her current responsibilities for Horizon Clients, she has worked on VMware Horizon FLEX and VMware Workspace ONE integration. She brings her love of consumer products, data-driven decision making and clear UI to the end-user side of VMware EUC.

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Sometimes things just don’t work out. Microsoft launched the Metro-tiled version of Windows 10 with visions of apps that would run seamlessly on all Windows devices – including Windows Phones! VMware answered with Horizon Client for UWP. Since then, things have changed: Microsoft has dropped support for Office Mobile and acknowledged that customers want 32-bit apps.

VMware is following Microsoft’s lead and dropping our Horizon Client for UWP. Luckily, the full Horizon Client for Windows runs in most Windows 10 environments, including on ARM-based systems. In the handful of cases where you can’t run the Horizon Client for Windows on your Windows 10 system, we recommend using HTML Access, our web client. We will continue to enhance HTML Access, including on the Chromium browser version of Edge.

We will continue to support Horizon Client for UWP for as long as we support Horizon 7. But we won’t be adding any new features or security fixes. For this reason, we strongly encourage customers to move to either Horizon Client for Windows or HTML Access.

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