Did you ever want to share exclusive content on your WordPress Website only to specific users, or to a narrow audience? Better yet, maybe organizing a contest and giving the winners exclusive access?

There are many ways of doing this, usually involving coding knowledge, FTP access and needless work.

The Invitation Code Content Access Plugin simplifies the process of Restricting Content in WordPress to selected groups

Create Invitation Codes that act as access keys for content on a selected WordPress Page / Post. The PluginPlugin (also called an extension or add-on) is a software component with a specific feature that can be added to a software or web application. <br/><br/>Plugins allow the user to customize the application further to enhance the appearance, functionality and dynamics of their website. They are commonly used to add new features to search engines,(…)” >plugin automatically restricts content access to the desired page / post and shows a form to enter the code.

Invitation Code Content Access - Code Prompt Invalid Code

Restricted access message

Admins can easily create single or multiple Codes, even upload them from a CSVCSV or Comma/Character Separated Values is a file used to store data values separated by commas, characters, or breaks. Other terms commonly used are “Comma Delimited File” and “Character Separated File”. Commas or other characters are used to differentiate each piece of data. For example, Name1, Address1, Telephone1. CSV files store these(…)” >CSV file, all depending on the needs. A single code is ideal if you want to send the same key to a large amount of users.

On the other hand, Multiple Codes are great for tracking various uses. Invitation Codes can have an expiration date or be active for an unlimited period of time.

The best part is that they can be used a specific or an infinite number of times, all easily customizable via the plugin settings. There is no restriction to the number of Invitation Codes you can create.

This lightweight plugin is an amazing digital marketing tool, and can be adapted to any use or campaign.

The plugin is available as part of the 99+Suite Bundle.