Podcast 291 | January 2019 Update Show

Simon takes you through a nice mix of updates and new things to take advantage of – even a price drop! Chapters: Service Level Agreements 00:19 Price Reduction 1:15 Databases 2:09 Service Region Expansion 3:52 Analytics 5:23 Machine Learning 7:13 Compute 7:55 IoT 9:37 Management 10:43 Mobile 11:33 Desktop 12:30 Certification 13:11 Additional Resources Topic […]

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Simon Elisha

Simon Elisha

Simon Elisha is Head of Solution Architecture, Public Sector for ANZ, and a long-time Amazonian, passionate about helping customers get the most out of cloud technology. A pragmatic technologist at heart, Simon holds an Honours Degree in Information Systems from Monash University. Follow him on Twitter at @simon_elisha.

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