Redis Full-Page Cache vs NGINX FastCGI Cache for WordPress

Caching is the backbone of website speed and performance. It’s critical to your WordPress site’s success. Even if your site is hosted on a hefty server, it’ll come to a crawl if you don’t have any caching enabled. Serving websites...

/ 9 June 2020

Twenty Twenty Theme Review: Features, Pros & Cons, And More

Twenty Twenty released last November, so a theme review is long overdue. While it’s nothing overly groundbreaking, it does bring quite a few interesting features to the table. Besides an appealing minimalistic design that is. If you’re thinking of making...

/ 5 June 2020

How to Make Customers Happy by Developing Super Fast Websites: Q&A with Greg Rickaby

Our series of talks with WordPress professionals continues with a new episode. After Topher DeRosia, today, we leave the scene to Greg Rickaby, Director of Engineering at WebDevStudios. WebDevStudios is a website design and development agency that creates quality-driven, user-friendly...

/ 3 June 2020

How to Write and Optimize eCommerce Product Descriptions: 6 Best Practices

Want to write better eCommerce product descriptions? Whether you have your own eCommerce store or you’re listing on Amazon or eBay, product descriptions play a big role in helping your products be more visible and converting visitors into customers. Long...

/ 26 May 2020

How to Cache Dynamic Content in WordPress

Caching is crucial for WordPress. It’s one of the primary ways to make WordPress sites load as fast as possible. Caching is what WP Rocket excels at. However, it’s not that easy to cache highly dynamic WordPress sites, especially those...

/ 21 May 2020

The Best WordPress Menu Plugins

The best WordPress menu plugins expand on the default custom menus already available in WordPress. Menus are an important feature of your website, one that serves as a guide for your visitors. In this post, we’ll recap some of the...

/ 16 May 2020

10 Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins for Rates, Labels, Tracking + More

Looking for the best WooCommerce shipping plugins? Shipping is, quite obviously, an incredibly important part of every eCommerce store. You need to be able to calculate accurate shipping rates so that you control your costs. You need to be able...

/ 12 May 2020

What the heck happened with .org?

If you are following the tech news, you might have seen the announcement that ICANN withheld consent for the change of control of the Public Interest Registry and that this had some implications for .org.  However, unless you follow a...

/ 12 May 2020

Third-Party Scripts and How They Affect Performance

Third-party scripts add a wide range of useful features to your website, making it more interactive, dynamic, and interlinked. Features like analytics, ads, social media sharing buttons, video embeds — they’re all possible thanks to third-party scripts. Some of these...

/ 5 May 2020

The First Shift To Creating Recurring Revenue

As freelancers, we all face many of the same challenges and I love nothing more than to share the things I’ve learned along the way to help you grow your business. When I switched my focus to creating recurring revenue,...

/ 3 May 2020

Caching Plugins Are Key for WordPress eCommerce Websites: Q&A with Topher DeRosia

Some time ago, we told you about five web professionals who put WP Rocket at the core of their performance strategy. They showed us that using a powerful caching plugin is crucial to support conversion and make customers happy, whether...

/ 29 April 2020

10 Proven Ways To Improve First Contentful Paint (FCP) in WordPress

In early 2019, Google announced that they would evaluate a website’s speed ranking by focusing on two performance metrics: First Contentful Paint (FCP) and First Input Delay (FID). The websites are ranked as Fast, Moderate, or Slow based on the...

/ 21 April 2020