‘Pokies’ is the term for slots used in Australia. They’re also called poker machines, gambling machines or gaming machines. Traditional slots are based on five-card poker systems similar to a regular poker. For now, there are more than 200,000 poker machines in Australia, which is around 3% of the worldwide amount.

However, traditional slots in pubs and land-based casinos became more obsolete nowadays. The youngsters prefer spending time in online casinos including their mobile versions. Given that Australians are fond of pokies, these games are widely offered by online casinos. In the article, we will cover the features of Australian online pokies and highlight the best examples.

Basic terms to know

But let’s start with the main concepts valid for slots all over the world. If you are an experienced gambler, simply skip this section. So, here are the main terms for online pokies:

  • Reel?—?a vertical scrollable row with symbols on it. Commonly, slots have 3 to 5 reels.
  • Payline?—?in other words, a winning combination with specific order and types of symbols. The most common is a horizontal line of 3 elements.
  • Scatter?—?a special symbol which triggers a bonus round.
  • Bonus round?—?a paid round with significantly higher payouts.
  • Multiplier?—?a specific number by which the player’s winnings are increased during a bonus round.
  • Free spin?—?a free round similar to the bonus one but without multipliers.
  • Wild symbol?—?an element which can replace any other symbol in the winning combinations.

These terms are common for all types of poker machines, but before you start playing it’s still important to check the number of reels and winning combinations, types of scatters and wild symbols, possible bonuses and multipliers the particular slots offer. Also, look at payout tables and house edges before starting the game to know how profitable it may be.

Types of online poker machines

Australian online pokies may vary in themes: from classic poker machines to modern ones based on popular movies or TV series. Online slots are bright and vibrant as well as convenient because players can access them from any device with the Internet connection. There are five main types of pokies in Australia.

Classic 3-reel pokies

They originate from the very first land-based slots that could have been found in Australian pubs in XX century. They have 3 reels and 1, 3 or 5 paylines. Such pokies feature wild symbols, as well as multiplier symbols. The maximum jackpot is hit when three wild symbols are matched in a payline.

5-reel video pokies

This is a modern version of pokies with quality graphics and various interface styles: sci-fi universes, fantasy worlds, popular films, etc. Such pokies have 5 reels at the least with more than 5 paylines and hundreds of winning combinations. All features including wild symbols, scatters, free and bonus rounds are available in video pokies.

Pub pokies

Pub pokies pay tribute to even more classic UK slots with fruit symbols. They aren’t pokies in the strict sense of the word because they lack poker combinations. However, these slots combine the 3-reel system with bonus games, so players enjoy them. Playing pub pokies is the best way to feel the combination of Australian and British approaches to gambling.

Progressive pokies

Progressive pokies are similar to video pokies as they support bonuses, special symbols, and either 3 or 5 reels. The main difference is the option of winning a progressive jackpot. Simply put, the potential amount of payoff increases with every lost bet. To be able to win, a player must wager a maximum bet. Progressive jackpots can tot up to millions of Australian dollars.

MegaSpin pokies

MegaSpin poker machines combine 4, 6 or 9 regular 3-reel pokies on the same screen. Before the game, a player defines the wager amount for all reels together. There may be numerous paylines, so winning chances are pretty high. The thing is that payoffs in MegaSpin pokies rarely cover expenses.

How to play Australian pokies

Overall, playing Australian slots is simple. There are two main things to consider when wagering:

  1. The number of coins. Usually, online casinos offer their own tokens. Pokies accept bets from one to five coins which in real life may relate to cents, dollars or even tens of dollars.

2. The number of lines. The minimum line is one, but the maximum number depends on the slot type. Classic 3-reel machines offer from one to three lines, while video pokies provide up to 50 possible variations.

So, the final bet includes the number of coins multiplied by the number of lines. It means that players wager the same amount for each line. Casinos force visitors to spend more, so only maximum possible bets participate in the run for the jackpot. Even despite a high rate of payouts (more than 95%) in Australian online pokies, it’s crucial to consider risks. Yes, you can hit the jackpot after placing a maximum bet but you can also lose everything. Remember that the house always wins, so pick the right moment to get out of the game.

Before using any online pokies casino and depositing your hard-earned money, be sure to check the security level of the chosen website. Traditionally, the eCOGRA-approved casinos are reliable and trusted. Play safe!

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