Next BBS is the future of bulletin board messaging

The project team is headed by Chris Ravenscroft, who, having explored the good, the bad and the mediocre, decided it was time for a BBS that was up to date in methodology, security, and speed, as well as feature rich and the all important: free.

This next generation in bulletin board message services is called, interestingly enough, the Next BBS, and appears to be just what its name suggests.
Next BBS is the future of bulletin board messaging, currently earning a place among the more well planned and fuller featured bulletin board messaging services, while sacrificing nothing in speed or performance.

Entirely PHP 4 compatible,using classes, inheritance and polymorphism, it currently operates with MySQl, however through the use of abstraction layers,(AdoDb and Pear) many more databases can be utilized.

it is sleek, clean, lightweight but surprisingly feature rich.
Using the ultra performant Smarty template system, it is user friendly and completely customizable.
All queries are manually tuned. Predictions and most efficient parsing
paths are identified and used.
The boards feature unlimited subforum levels, i.e. sub categories, second level subcategories, third level and more.
It features complete multi level trace dumps and custom error handling, as well as some security features to make you smile.
A shielded input parser prevents SQL injection, with minimal information stored in the cookie. Less information is stored there, in fact, than is stored by any other BBS software.
Add to that a re-authentication key generated on the fly, multi site support,
and a one of a kind bootstrap style board configuration, which keeps it lightweight.
Chris’ has some high ideals, and some serious foresight with regard to what he wants to see in the finished product.
His goal for the project is to “keep the code at the highest level possible” in order to see a finished product of the highest calibre. A product that will rival the level of sophistication of professional software, without the high price tag.
He seems to be well on the way to achieving his goals.
Of the highest importance to the team is quality assurance, user input and feedback.
On the planning board for product revisions are portal software, real time chat, blogs and more.
In its infancy, Next BBS seems to have a lot to offer, and the price is right.
If you’d like to look into Next BBS, feel free to join the software forums located at
Test Forums
or to view the project pages at
Source Forge Pages
I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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