MySQL Database Design and Optimization

As the title suggests,
Beginning MySQL Database Design and Optimization is intended for the
range of users between novice and professional. It may seem difficult
one book to suit such a wide readership without losing readers on
end of the spectrum, or perhaps without providing adequate coverage to
any particular audience, Apress has done what many other publishers
failed to do by providing an excellent series of ‘novice to

An example of their dedication to detail and perfection is the
inclusion of top-notch technical reviewers (Mike Hillyer, in this case,
often found haunting Experts Exchange as one of the top MySQL experts)
who provide expertise to the series.

Authors Jon Stephens and Chad
Russell have extensive combined PHP and MySQL experience that shows in
the content of
this volume. Readers with some MySQL experience who
a broader range of instruction will gain much from this book.

users will find quite a lot of valuable information that will extend
their existing knowledge base. Concepts in design are better learned
the beginning to avoid repeating poor programming mistakes, but it’s
never too late to learn good practices.” Read on for the rest of
Norbury-Glaser’s review.

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