Mozilla partners with news subscription service Scroll to build an ad-free internet

Scroll is an upcoming news subscription service that promises to let you read all your favorite news websites ad-free in exchange for a monthly fee. The service already has some big names in media onboard (including Buzzfeed, Gizmodo Media Group, and Vox Media) and acquired trending news app Nuzzel earlier this month. This week, the company announced another big partnership with Mozilla to test some of Scroll’s ideas in Firefox, via VentureBeat.

The exact details on how Scroll and Mozilla will work together aren’t full clear yet — Scroll says that its still “early days for this partnership,” but VentureBeat says that “small groups of Firefox users will be invited at random to share feedback” and respond to surveys about ad-free browsing on the web, at least to start.

And even if details aren’t quite here yet, Mozilla does make sense as a partner for Scroll on paper. After all, if you’re trying to replace ads on the internet, having some input from a browser company that has to deal with the reality of serving up all those ads to consumers on a basic, technical level is probably a useful thing. Given that Mozilla in particular has taken a stance to block ad tracking, the fact that it would be on board with Scroll’s alternative subscription method also fits.

Scroll has yet to announce when it will be launching its subscription service, but the company is clearly starting to ramp things up — earlier in the month, Scroll announced that it was buying the social media curation app Nuzzel.

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Posted by News Monkey