Linux users: How long has it been since you last used Windows?

If you’re a Linux user and have been for years, sometimes you can forget that much of the desktop world is still on Windows.

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Or perhaps it’s not so hard to remember.

Many of us hold day jobs where we’re not lucky enough to be able to choose our own operating system and are stuck with whatever IT has gifted us. Or, perhaps, you still keep an old Windows PC around for running that one application that just isn’t available on Linux.

Whatever your reason, it’s still a mixed computing world, and is likely to be for some time to come. Whatever system you’re using, there’s probably a strong selection of open source software available for it that we hope you take the time to investigate.

So let us know: Has it been ten years since last you used Windows, or ten days? Perhaps you’re even using it right now. Whatever the length of time, we hope you’ll use the comments below to tell us a little bit about what (if anything) is holding you back from making the switch to being a full-time Linux user.

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