Bitcoin set to rally after futures expiration, short squeeze coming, says Brain Kelly

What’s the Story? Brian Kelly believes Bitcoin future expirations will lead to a price increase in Bitcoin over the next few days.

Why It’s Important? While most of the focus has been on spot markets, Bitcoin futures have been a good barometer of interest in Bitcoin. Typically, we see Bitcoin increase in price after the monthly expiration date. Bitcoin usually falls the week before the monthly expiration date. To support his point, Brian Kelly cited the April expiration date, in which Bitcoin exploded from a low of high $6000 to over $8000 days after the expiration. In the past, Bitcoin has often fallen the weeks before the expiration date, only to see a sharp uptick after expiration. Other markets such as Bitfinex have seen short interest increase in the days leading up to expiration date.

Pantera Capital Has Raised $71 Million So Far for Third Crypto Fund

What’s the Story? Title is self-explanatory.

Why It’s Important? Pantera is reportedly targeting as much as $175 million for their third fund. This target price is more than 10x the amount of money raised for their second venture fund back in 2016 ($13MM). The increased size of their raise shows that interest in cryptocurrency isn’t just restricted to token investments. It also indicates an increasing appetite from institutional investors. Pantera has invested in cryptocurrency projects such as Bitstamp, Shapeshift, Circle, and Ripple. Their first fund returned more than 10,000% over five years.

Vitalik Buterin On The State Of Ethereum, The Future Of Blockchain And Google Trying To Hire Him

What’s the Story? Vitalik Buterin spoke about the future of blockchain, particularly the “high ratio of hype being generated versus actual use cases.”

Why It’s Important? Buterin highlighted significant progress in regards to Casper (Ethereum’s Proof of Stake Protocol) and sharding (A protocol for improving scalability). These updates seek to enhance the overall usability of the Ethereum mainnet. Vitalik believes regulators should create policies to ensure cryptocurrencies can be used as a viable payment rail. Buterin also mentioned how a Google recruiter emailed him to say he would be an excellent intern candidate. We hope Google or Vitalik were trolling. Nonetheless, Vitalik is working on making Ethereum scalable. The million dollar question is, can he do it?

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