Installing Webmin

While the big control panel suites you can install, like cPanel or Plesk, are excellent for large scale deployments or easy system administration, sometimes you just want an interface to quickly carry out complex tasks, which doesn’t require a package as large as cPanel/Plesk.

Webmin, a free and powerful control panel, it easy to install and allows you to carry out administrative tasks in an easy to use browser based frontend. This tutorial will guide you through installing Webmin.

This tutorial assumes that you have a vanilla server CentOS5 installation.

1. Login to your server via SSH and download the latest Webmin release, like so:


2. Install the package:

rpm -ivh webmin-1.410-1.noarch.rpm

Thats it! If all goes well, Webmin will start up on port 10000, where you can login as root using your root password. All in all, the process should take you no more than 5 minutes. 


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