Installing cPanel/WHM on a vanilla CentOS 5 Server

After having initially installed your latest CentOS5 OS on your server you need to take a few steps to get cPanel/WHM running securily on your server.

Log into root via SSH and disable selinux

nano /etc/selinux/config

and change

You now need to either reboot for this to take effect, or disable it using this command:

setenforce 0

Then check if it is disabled:
cat /selinux/enforce
If this returns 0, SELinux is disabled.

Also you need to stop your firewall IP tables

service iptables stop
iptables -L -n

Ok, so now after you have ordered a cPanel licence you need to initiate the install with those commands

mkdir /home/cpins
cd /home/cpins
sh latest  

The install can take quiet a while and is depending on hardware configuration and network speed

cPanel requires a fresh/clean server!
If you are serving websites off this server (and are
not already running cPanel) this installer will
overwrite all of your config files.  You should hit
Ctrl+C NOW!!!

Now is the time to go get another cup of coffee or two 🙂

And as soon as the install finished you can log into WHM


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