Install LogWatch

Logwatch is a customizable log analysis system.
Logwatch parses through your system’s logs for a given period of time and creates a report analyzing areas that you specify, in as much detail as you require. Logwatch is easy to use and will work right out of the package on most systems.

1. Log into your server as root (SSH)

2. Get the file


3. Install LogWatch 5.0 with flags to update if previously installed

Type: rpm -Uvh logwatch-5.2.2-1.noarch.rpm

4. Delete the original rpm file (no longer needed)

Type: rm -rf logwatch-5.2.2-1.noarch.rpm

5. To run logwatch manually

Type: perl /etc/log.d/scripts/


Please note a lot of CPanel systems have this already installed. Also note ENSIM Systems receive alot of “Use of uninitialized ” errors and this is not reccomened.


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