How To make chkrootkit e-mail you daily

Make chkrootkit e-mail you logs daily.

How To make chkrootkit e-mail you daily

Make chkrootkit e-mail you the scanned files log daily. This is a great way to maintain a secure server, just skim over the e-mail every day/night looking for root kit infections.

1. Login to your server as root. (SSH)

2. Load crontab
Type: crontab -e

3. Add this line to the top:
0 1 * * * (cd /path/to/chkrootkit; ./chkrootkit 2>&1 | mail -s “chkrootkit output” root)

This will run CHKROOTKIT at 1am every day, and e-mail the output to root.

If you are in PICO – CTRl-X, Y, Enter to save and exit

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