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How to Turn Your Blog into a Membership Site with WordPress

Blogging is only getting more popular which means more and more people are starting blogs in the hopes of turning it into a full-time career. But it can be difficult making money online with blogging and the income is unpredictable...

/ 5 April 2019

7 Tools How to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites from One Dashboard

Are you a business owner who has multiple websites for different aspects of their marketing campaign? Maybe you own an assignment writing agency, so you have a home website that explains your business. Then you have another site that teaches students...

/ 22 March 2019

The WordPress Coding Standards: An Introduction

We often talk about how important it is to write quality code when it comes to creating WordPress products. However, that isn’t just about professionalism and pride. Practically any site can break due to poor-quality code, which could do serious...

/ 19 March 2019

How to fill your WordPress website with great looking video

Video is a great way to present your business to customers and partners. Create an immersive experience and find news ways to introduce concepts to your audience. High quality video is now available more easily than ever using some of...

/ 13 March 2019

Install WordPress with Nginx, MariaDB 10 and PHP 7 on Debian 9

WordPress 5 has recently been released and for those of you who are eager to test it on their own Debian server, we have prepared a simple and straightforward setup guide. We will be using LEMP – Nginx – lightweight...

/ 27 February 2019

WordPress – Guide to Updating WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. We have a wealth of experience assisting a variety online stores operating on the software. For basic WordPress sites, see our Guide to Updating WordPress websites here. You will need to...

/ 21 February 2019

Webinoly – Install Optimized WordPress Website with Free SSL

If you are looking to self host your own WordPress website, there are numerous ways to do that. You have probably heard about LAMP and LEMP stacks. In this article, we are going to show you a different approach, using...

/ 21 February 2019

How to Quickly Improve the User Experience (UX) on WordPress?

There is a strong link between your website’s user experience and amount of traffic. User experience (UX) is how users behave and feel when they’re using your site. For 83 percent of consumers, a seamless experience across all devices is...

/ 12 January 2019

6 Ways to Make Sure Your WordPress Site Reflects Your Brand

Whether you are a self-employed blogger or an enterprise business, having a great website with compelling content is a necessity. It’s important to maintain your brand throughout your site so your customers become familiar with you and can recognize your...

/ 5 January 2019

6 WordPress Plugins To Boost User Engagement And Cut Your Bounce Rate

Finding ways to get people to visit your WordPress site is always a battle. So when you do finally get them there, you should always be on the lookout for ways to keep them there. You want to reduce your...

/ 22 December 2018

7 of the Fastest WordPress Ecommerce Themes

The ecommerce marketplace is growing rapidly, so this is the right time to launch your online store. Starting an e-shop is easy, thanks to all the platforms that allow you to build a store with no coding knowledge. There are...

/ 21 December 2018

How to Disable the Block Editor (aka Gutenberg) and Use the Previous WordPress Editor

The latest WordPress update is finally here – and it’s a big one. WordPress 5.0 brings a number of changes, but none is more significant than the new block editor, which you might also know as Gutenberg (its name while...

/ 12 December 2018