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How to start a blog

Marieke van de Rakt Marieke van de Rakt is the founder of Yoast SEO Academy and CEO of Yoast. Her favorite SEO topics are SEO copywriting and site structure. If you’re thinking about starting a

The WordPress Cleanup Checklist

The time is now to look at your current WordPress website and run through this WordPress cleanup checklist to tidy up your website. Whether you own a single blog or you’re a freelancer/developer who will


The Top 5 WordPress Security Vulnerabilities and How to Avoid Them

If you own a WordPress website, you should be aware of potential WordPress security vulnerabilities. Just like locking the doors of your house, investing in an alarm system and paying for insurance, your website should have


Web Design Typography: 5 Things You Need to Know

Since 95% of the information on the web is written language, a good web designer needs to have a grasp of typography: the ancient discipline of shaping text for human consumption. In this post, we’ll


Which Is The Fastest WordPress Image Slider Plugin? (2019)

Love ’em or hate ’em, image sliders are a popular feature on many a WordPress site. And if you want to create a slider on WordPress, you need a WordPress image slider plugin. But more


WordPress Vulnerability Roundup: August 2019, Part 2

Several new WordPress plugin and theme vulnerabilities were disclosed during the last half of August, so we want to keep you aware. In this post, we cover recent WordPress plugin and theme vulnerabilities and what


How to Reset Your WordPress Password

Need to reset your WordPress password? Don’t worry. There are several ways to reset your WordPress password. Use the Lost Your Password Link to Rest Your WordPress Password The default WordPress login page of your


Plugin Roundup – August 2019

In this post, we recap the best WordPress plugins that were added or updated within the last 30 days on the WordPress Plugin Directory. 1. Disable Emails Disable Emails Stop a WordPress website from sending


WordPress for Startups – 10 Amazing Features That Make It an Ideal Solution (2019)

Is WordPress the right platform for your startup site? In the process of searching for the perfect CMS for your startup company, you might have asked yourself that very same question. The decision what system


WordPress File Permissions: Securing Your Website

WordPress file permissions and ownership play an integral role in the overall security of your WordPress website, which is why you should be sure to get them right. In this post, we’ll cover all you

WordPress Theme Development

How to find the perfect WordPress theme

Getting Started with your perfect WordPress theme Ready to start developing WordPress themes? You’re in the right place. In this opening chapter, we’ll take a look at what WordPress themes are and how they work. Then, we’ll discuss the


How to Build a Real Estate Website on WordPress

Buying or renting a property is stressful. One of the hardest parts is finding the best one for you. A real estate website which makes it easy for you to discover your dream home will