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Bert Monroy’s Times Square

Just a couple weeks ago, my good friend Bert Monroy unveiled his latest digital painting at the PhotoPlus Conference in New York City. This digital painting, which is 100% illustrated from scratch using Illustrator and Photoshop, is a whopping 5...

/ 10 November 2010

Quick Tips Tuesday

Hey gang,Thought I would share with you some quick Photoshop tips for today. It just seems to me that you can never have too many tricks in your arsenal to make you faster and perhaps more creative. Enjoy! Tip 1:...

/ 20 October 2010

TGIF New Bits…

Image of the Week PostedHi folks. It is Friday so I have just a few little bits for you today. Be sure to check out the newest image of the week over at the NAPP portfolio page. This week we...

/ 16 October 2010

Defining A Shape in Photoshop

Often times we find ourselves working in other applications that have certain features that other apps don’t necessarily have, or maybe they do but just not nearly as good. For instance, in Illustrator there is a remarkable collection of preset...

/ 15 October 2010

New Video from Larry Becker

NAPP Executive Director Larry Becker brings us another exclusive video to the Planet. This time Larry shares some tips on doing some photo retouching using dodge and burn. Click here to view now. Also remember to check out Larry’s newest...

/ 15 October 2010

Tuesday Tips & Peachpit Book Giveaway!

I figured I would spice things up this Tuesday by talking about something that I think people don’t really use all that often as well as give you a chance to win a couple of free books while you’re at...

/ 22 September 2010

Things to Make You Go “Oh!”: The Crop Tool

It never ceases to amaze me as to how many people work with Photoshop day in and day out and STILL find things that will make them go “Wow, I didn’t know that that was there!”  Instead of working with...

/ 15 September 2010

It’s Coming…

A Photoshop contest of galactic proportions.

/ 18 December 2008

Scale Effects

Now this is something that still seems to stump people in Photoshop when it come to Layer Styles. When you apply a layer style to a layer you notice that you can build multiple styles within one layer. That’s great,...

/ 11 October 2008

Imaging USA!!!

So, it was quite a show to say the least. It being my first time to the Imaging USA show, I was overwhelmed by the shear size of the expo hall. Every name in photography was there, strutting their stuff....

/ 10 January 2008

Too Darn Cool!!!!!

Wacom has finally announced the release of the brand new Cintiq 12WX. This device is just simply too darn cool. I have been testing one out for about a week and a half now and all I can say is...

/ 4 December 2007

The Man Who Is One With Nature

Nature Photography, that is. A couple of weeks ago we had a visitor in our office. Wildlife photographer Moose Peterson stopped by to say Hi and even made a quick appearance on Photoshop TV, showing off his new Nikon D3....

/ 7 November 2007